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Was!? As early as three months on the road?

Wednesday, 22. April 2009 15:15

Actually. Now three months have elapsed since the beginning of our school trip and we have completed the chapter on Southeast Asia in order quasi -. Is from the soon-to-glass-half-empty perspective, is the uncanny bad, since this is already the fourth of the scheduled time. On the other hand, we can both remember any recent three months of our lives so focused new, impressive, are worth seeing, but also depressing and frightening brought with it. We are concerned as to whether we would have the fullness of the indenter has a whole year on the road. Impressions are not from TV or other media that have been affected by the x-th hand, ago but experienced. The brain and the senses are working positively tingling way in full swing. The learning curve as you look at the different circumstances and while serving as contrasts to day problems and was best adapted in this regard extremely steep. Certainly one can be without this experience just like that, but now, because we have tasted the fruit of the soul very tasty "independent intensive long journey", We know that we missed the beginning of the journey to something very fundamental aspect of the manifold next to the natural beauty of this earth. On the one hand to witness first hand how to organize the vast majority of people beyond our Western reality, adjusts, Despite all the odds and find his way frequently acts much happier than we were. Secondly, the feeling to feel completely free as far as possible and to act well so. That, of course, that feeling in a double sense only on the basis of our previous, more or less self-chosen way of life (professional, very unfree Rat-Race and appropriate financial compensation to the right place really is a lot of money) possible, us is perfectly clear.
Of course, within this framework, we had the romantic idea of one or another phase. But two minutes later discarded, of - Let us have nothing against - this with our financial resources would be most likely final. Because once you get into the spiral of the local currency, that is, the local currency to local standards and wage levels (Southeast Asia consists almost entirely of low-cost countries) deserves, has very likely due to the traveling and living with the freedom guaranteed settled once and for all. Although we see, above mentioned briefly, days here, despite the odds every day really happy and satisfied people, However, we are closing the access to this happiness, that is primarily founded on simple deep-rooted family values. Our emotional foundation, by western trained to, enlightened wealth Socialization, based on continuous material competition and self -, was not affected by these three months in any event. We could not be satisfied with this "simple" happiness. We know (yet) not whether it is personal for us, good or bad. We only know, that neither our previous performance levels, still lived here we would put any content on its own. The most likely, will be trivial-sounding way it will live to be a balance between the two aspects.
After the first three months here, we would be well with the state in (very opportune) Balance are: A working and living in central western prosperity and so often it's the money that was earned there to spend in Southeast Asia. At some point if it has prepared itself, evtl. should live completely relocate to South East Asia.
Oops. That is something new gaaaaaanz! Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Kambodscha Indonesien  Was!? Schon drei Monate unterwegs?

Na ja, babbled enough. We still have three quarters of the time and several continents before us. Next time when we will report here this is from Down Under. High Cost Country - Hooray!?

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Regard: revised entry requirements for Thailand

Friday, 20. March 2009 11:47

Here is a brief information regarding the current entry requirements for Thailand. It makes sense to take them into account in advance, because there was so much some arduous circumstances, can save unnecessary costs and time.


Since the beginning of the year 2009 (as a result of the riots at the airport in Bangkok end 2008) each visitor in the Entry to Thailand with the Aircraft (!) as usual - a residence permit for 30 Roofs.


When Entry the Land route or by Ship (zB.: about Cambodia, Laos, Burma or Malaysia) the length of stay was halved. Thus, for only 15 Roofs (this is usually sufficient for a stay in Thailand in any way, as the country is in area just far too large).


There are the tourists, arriving by plane but not 3 The possibilities offered 15 to extend days:


  1. Before leaving for Thailand to visit the Thai Embassy in neighboring states to request a free (!) Tourist visa 30 Roofs → this is the best and cheapest way
  2. You have to leave Thailand to 15 Days, and after re-entry more 15 Roofs (these include but are not automatically on the first 14 Days but at the moment, on which they were requested). → this means the interruption of the holiday and draws the appropriate travel expenses to be
  3. One looks in Thailand, the Bureau of Immigration buys "” additional 7 Roofs (Maximum) Extension (a total of 21 Roofs) and pays as much as 1.900 Baht → absolute usury for a shorter stay


    If you can ignore all the rules, then they will violently when leaving the country for any excess over the days to checkout and asked to have landed on a "Blacklist“, to a subsequent entry into Thailand, possibly. impossible!

  • Thailand Einreisebestimmungen Buero of Immigration  Achtung: geänderte Einreisebestimmungen für Thailand

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Kho Phi Phi Farewell - Last impressions and ejections

Friday, 20. March 2009 3:20

Now, after two weeks real "dream vacation” on a gorgeous island, we have decided with a heavy heart, We continue to move to Malaysia - more precisely, for a few days to Langkawi, before we take another urban jungle in a further inspection: Kuala Lumpur.

Now I'm sitting here, as so often in the morning in the last few days in D's Book Shop in the heart of Phi Phi Town, it is already good 26 Degree Celsius, and the everlasting (single?) but pleasant jazz CD rotates in HiFi and mixes with the (verbrennungsmotorfreien) Sounds of the street. I drink a Latte Coffee, I look at the people here very relaxed barefoot or in flip-flops and shuffle vorbeischlappen, and wonder "What's stuck? Why heavy heart?”.

Clear! In the backdrop, Who would not like to stay there longer. Seems to be the obvious answer. But it was not alone, especially since we just do not resided in a star resort or bungalows, but our desires and budget accordingly in a simple but functional rooms, only with fan and cold shower, without air conditioning, Refrigerator, TV and every other comfort or. for this island oversized knick-knacks.

First it was here to learn through the duration of the stay and the clear size of the island to know people can quickly. Not even after the many "major” small-talks namen- and faceless tourist, the rule. right here are not like they are otherwise, but rather in the carnival-State of Emergency. Already we've learned some of the inhabitants of the island. People who are born here, decades have been living here, work here and have a life. A Tattoo Studio, Lederwarenladen, Restaurant, a bar or a Guest House at or supervise.

All these people seemed to have a common, a highly contagious peace. I still remember how I felt on the first day actually turned up disturbing. Constantly interested in the time, talking too fast, constantly on the move. Well, after a short time, we noticed, no matter what the Clock we were hanging on a wall, they indicated all the different times. Not five minutes difference, No time was more or less arbitrarily set. On a Clock, It was half past one, ten meters further there was a little before six and ten meters back ten-point - and always, Clock this one just stood still. So we put off our watches. The effect was terrific. We listened just yet our inner Clock. We went to bed, if it is "time” This was, sleep and woke up completely then, when our body the thought was right. This meant that we have not slept until noon at twelve. In general, we were at night between elf und ein clock in bed and woke zwischen acht und neun clock in the morning on - as it turned out. We bought a fresh and ate when we were hungry, we swam in the sea or walked when we wanted to move, we were just lying in the shade when we wanted to. This rather original way of life, high-motion, much sleep and a lot of thinking in daily vigorous thunderstorms in the evening, made us very soon to be very quiet - in the positive sense. Right now as I write these lines, I feel really good all round. It focuses on himself and his next environment. Many of the events the other day an article in the news are already falling into trouble now actually so far away, as they are now de facto times: Too far away to have some way to influence. Here is the first time I became really clear that I'm just completely free of professional pecking order. Well, we make no mistake, the social pecking order can not hide, also not - but you almost automatically slips here in a cautious observer position. No thought remains on track. You think much of this was just one easy-to-end and employs it can then be based on. No nightly tooth brushing with unanswered questions of the day durchexerzierten, no big worry. Just tired, sleep fat and happy and see what makes the next day. Life in the 'now” and especially in the "here”. I had never seen such a thing as a cure - but I would say the time was here a. In particular, determine the certainty of the duration of this treatment themselves to, seemed very freeing.

How much this body and mind depend on each other, I was also a clear illustration of. I had since the end 2008 a rash, of which I have accepted, that it was psychosomatic nature. I was sure, as soon as I have denounced it will better. This was not. In fact, he was in Phnom Penh still there. Two weeks here, and nothing is left of it. Simply disappeared. Without medication, in the literal sense.

One thing is certain, that was not our last stay in this corner of Thailand. And since we do not want to because of visa problems with our visas already extended to the black list (There's really), Unfortunately we have now gone.

  • Thailand Kho Phi Phi  Abschied von Kho Phi Phi – Letzte Eindrücke und Auswürfe

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People, Anecdotes and recommendations (Caution ahead of emotionality!)

Friday, 20. March 2009 3:17

Shortly after our arrival, we met a German emigrant (yes I know, in the photo I look like Quasimodo Thailand Menschen Kho Phi Phi Empfehlungen  Menschen, Anekdoten und Empfehlungen (Achtung Emotionalitäten voraus!) )on the CPP and operates two hostels for the first time we declared the island and travel opportunities. One of the hostels (Oasis I) seems to be more for the single traveler in classic social Backpacker. Larger bedrooms with shared bathrooms are announced here. It is located in Phi Phi Town and therefore full night in the action - reminded me somehow of the Mardi Gras. The second Guest House (Oasis II) located just five minutes on foot, in a much quieter and thus more pleasant street. There is only room for two with private bath. With either double bed or two twin beds. The rooms are perfectly clean, be maintained every day and are very functional. Perfect for us! For two nights, four are first, then eight and so on - today… our last day Thailand Menschen Kho Phi Phi Empfehlungen  Menschen, Anekdoten und Empfehlungen (Achtung Emotionalitäten voraus!) .

A very nice lady (2 mp. In the group photo) is at the reception desk always an effort to stay as pleasant as possible. You can ask them anything about the island, it has an answer to all areas. The weather on the marine biology and history of the island, nothing seemed strange!

Another recommendation regarding. Songs of the physical well-being is Pad Thai and the room directly opposite Fruit Shake Bar Moss. Both can boast that the island actually to make the best of what they do - because they do nothing else. No Pizza, Schnitzel, Steak, Indian, Thai all you can eat and drink round cover bullshit of inferior quality ketchup - ONLY Pad Thai (Big Thai noodles or glass noodles, Ggf. Scampi, Chicken or seafood) or. Only Fruit Shakes (Ggf. with yogurt or mixed with a shot as a cocktail ). All fresh, all fair absolute top quality at prices (1-2€) and large portions. To find the "Local Food Market”, always, past some food stalls, Direction Pier.

The two were so friendly and nice, that it has been almost unpleasant. Song made us twice Gifts (zB. the blue neck- or. Bracelet for Martina - see photo), and we just stood there as the standard tourist, nothing to it other than despicable money Thailand Menschen Kho Phi Phi Empfehlungen  Menschen, Anekdoten und Empfehlungen (Achtung Emotionalitäten voraus!) So we thought. Moss told us, that they are actually talking about us every day and every time you were glad we were coming. Because we are so cute, were respectful and polite - and they had never seen Egyptians and they were thrilled. Bang! One of the reasons why I sometimes do not feel had more to Germany (Latent Kanackenprobleme, only know Kanacken, Problems eg. of intelligent and talented Turkish doner car mechanic or man can be and remain primarily) brought me here ein.Ein good feeling positive again! While I was busy in Germany is always my name, I come from last to reveal gaaaaaaanz (I could fill a book about my incredible experiences in finding housing as Kanack Ahmed), I got used to tell me again very freely and directly that I am from Egypt, if someone asks me - and this happens often. We have planned to send a little stuck here, something from a distant land.

The last pictures are not such testimony as I turn a mega-bag, but more of a local delicacy which we have come through Song. Sweet Sticky Rice, with Tarobohnen, 40 Minutes in a bamboo tube grilled. The Hammer! A total calories for hard workers and small snacks for children conceived as candy, we could not get enough of it. Concentrated milk tastes like rice with bamboo aroma. Unfortunately, this treat only sold sporadically, since it is made only to Phuket and then passes via boat to Phi Phi, where an old man with a bicycle they then sold in very limited numbers - if he wants to.

By the way! Water can be bought at the "Water Hill”. 6 Bottles (3 Liter) for 19 Baht and receycelt's also very important factor on Phi Phi). When 7/11 costs only a bottle (1,5 Liter) Continental water equal 25 Baht!

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Cryptic Easter greetings for Heilchen

Thursday, 19. March 2009 7:08

All the best for this year's Easter celebrations for you personally!  (You know how with the time difference in Asia so - therefore unfortunately not quite on time Thailand Kho Phi Phi Geburtstag  Kryptische Ostergrüße für Heilchen

Martin + Ahmed

Thailand Kho Phi Phi Geburtstag  Kryptische Ostergrüße für Heilchen

  • Thailand Kho Phi Phi Geburtstag  Kryptische Ostergrüße für Heilchen

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