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On to Colombia - South America!

Friday, 11. December 2009 8:00

Sailing against the setting sun, before then at the 3. Day finally went to sea to Cartagena.

  • Panama Kolumbien  Auf nach Kolumbien   Südamerika!

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Who want more, Fags?

Friday, 11. December 2009 7:00

Ie “Everyday” on the island: gorgeous beaches, Palmen set, gleaming white sand and pale green sea and everything else what you can find it in the sea - Einsiedlerkrebse, Starfish and shells…

P.S.: Marica is “Schlappschwanz” or “Schwuli” in Spanish. On board the Stella Luna was the standard response for everyone…

  • Panama Kolumbien  Que quieren más, Maricas?

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At anchor in Kuna waters

Thursday, 10. December 2009 9:00

This is “Everyday” Sailing: lying at anchor a dream island, Wellenschaukeln with a slight chill on the deck, gekuehltes Beer, freshest fish (Lobster, Red Snapper, and various other) Shop by drive around Kuna fishermen and of course also prepared, a jump from the deck into the bright Reasons, cool water,swim times just for the next island, one bit of snorkeling and simply nothing else to do…

P.S.: The first two images should be clicked once enlarged and, can be understood that what we mean.

  • Panama Kolumbien  Vor Anker in Kuna Gewässern

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Povenir – Emigration

Thursday, 10. December 2009 8:00

Povenir ist der Ort an dem man seine Ausreisformalitaeten erledigt bevor man den weiteren Seeweg nach Kolumbien antritt. Die Insel beherbergt lediglich einen der beiden einzigenFlughaefenin San Blás (einmal am Tag fliegt hier eine kleine Propellermaschine der Air Panama) sowie die Emigration. Das hiess fuer Maria und Matt am fruehen morgen mit dem Schlauch- vom Segelboot zur Insel paddeln, Paesse stempeln lassen und auf zur naechsten Insel. Das Lustige ist, dass unsere Paesse am 24.11. “out” gestempelt und am 26.11. erst wieder in Kolumbien “A” gestempelt wurden. Also befanden wir uns 2 Tage im Niemandsland - auch nicht schlecht

  • Panama Kolumbien  Povenir – Emigration

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San Blas Inseln

Thursday, 10. December 2009 7:00

The first day on board of our sailboat Stella Luna, unfortunately was accompanied throughout by rain. After we have taken our places on the boat, have made known to each other, have hissed the first Balboa went to dinner for the next opportunity Kuna island and from there continue with a small Motorholzkan to two surrounding small islets. With a little imagination you can imagine quite well, how do the islands in the sun…

  • Panama Kolumbien  San Blás Inseln

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