I sailed the caribbean! And all I got was… not even a lousy T-Shirt!

Wednesday, 9. December 2009 7:00

Panama Kolumbien  I sailed the caribbean! And all I got was… not even a lousy T Shirt!

As we are THE major border adventure in Central America, der Darien Gap, the border crossing by land from Panama to Colombia via several days of trekking through the jungle road- and unnamed drug barons, Smugglers and guerrillas inhabited no-man's far too sensitive and the flight was again far too vile, We have begun some time ago decided to take the sea route. A good decision. This sailing trip from Panama to Colombia, and vice versa are the hammer! Whoever has the chance to do so, this should not miss. Important here is, a bit of time in Panama City or Vorneweg. Cartagena seek out and bring the boat good. From the big saver on fast catamarans and classic sailing from 20 until 80 Foot is a lot here. The actual variations are rather dual: Either a lot of comfort or much Segelspass. We opted for the latter - more on that later.
First, the end. Almost all captains, before have to go that route, give the larger hostels in their schedule and how many people they want to take. Cost is about. 300-380US $ plus $ 25us placement fee for the hostel. Usually, the hostel also has information such as size, Equipment and other reviews are available for each ship. The hostel is announced, they go to the ship and hopes that his choice is full at the specified time the boat, otherwise waiting is announced. If everything goes as planned, it goes off at five in the morning in a jeep (25US$). Across the country, high in the North-East, in die autonome Kuna Yala Region (6US$ Admission Fee). There is a Kuna boat continues on to the river mouth in which lie the last foothills of San Blas. The Kuna are the Native people with the greatest political autonomy in Latin America. With its own micro-economic system, own language and quasi-legal. For about two centuries, they constantly live in the east of Panama. To their own ververwalteten area includes the holiday paradise of San Blas, an island of the archipelago 400 Islands along the Caribbean coast of Panama includes, of which only 40 Islands with a total 32.000 Kuna are inhabited. Here you meet on the boat, Captain and residual "team" to spend first few days at varying Islands. It will drink to your heart, from what they have eaten all the best offer to the sea and the Kuna (zB. 7 Lobster for $ 12US and 3 Beer), swum, gesonnt, geschillt and snorkeled, drank and slept on the boat. If you are looking concentrated Robinson Crusoe feeling in the Caribbean without a flood of tourists will find it right here, if you clear with the hygienic conditions is. The islands are all picture perfect. Sometimes just big enough for a house and 5 Surrounded by palm trees with powder-white sand and lapped by warm turquoise to dark green Caribbean sea. You can rent fully Frequently - Bacardi Party anyone? Sandbars, Coral reefs continue to invite you to linger and explore. Yes, you can even surf here and there, in good surf. The big issue here is not always fish. The nighttime, there were smaller trips by canoe to the beach and other boats. All in all, very very cool!
After the paperwork was done with the Passport, it was serious. The captain decides id.R. when to start their trip to Sea and Colombia, what happened to us after about two and a half days. Once again, eat plenty and well and a big discussion of the situation and the mediation of the High Seas rules indicate, us what the next good 50 Hours ahead is. Here are some highlights: It is non-stop sailing, Drinking water is now equal in value to gold and should not be used for washing hands and the same, a draft for brushing - a maximum of. A shower, it was not already on board. All things so please pack and lash down, that one size should ideally be kept at the baggage. Simply the best clothes no longer go. Who are seasick had bad luck and should be a place where he would look at the bow to - his head outside the boat, please. Everyone needs to tackle with, the women. If even cry, "" will, then that is never meant unkindly… I could hardly wait!
The point is, if one really nice angeluvt lying diagonally in the wind, seven and a little more nodes - was more wind- and / or seegangsbedingt not possible - the possibility has to take over the helm and cut through the waves… And I mean really play for looong hours, without motor, All hands below deck sleeping or moaning and cursing like, only you, the Capitan and the GPS, you give full throttle Panama Kolumbien  I sailed the caribbean! And all I got was… not even a lousy T Shirt! That was just very big Wimbeldon Tennis. Whoever mastered Spanish - Our Captain was flying the Colombian flag Pannamas - was a clear advantage. The 1 & #215;1 of sailing in the practice-intensive course was then included in the price. For me, one of the experience that I definitely need to repeat. Although I had the last 24 Hours a terrible pain in the neck (this next week in Cartagena Article more), But with so much adrenaline in the blood that was not important anymore. After ca. 48 Hours we had after a bad storm certainly achieved quite finished but surely the Port of Cartagena. For an entry's Log Book: New long-term goal in life - I want my own sailboat!

Some pictures of this trip will follow in the next few days. On the high seas was the snap of no longer possible Panama Kolumbien  I sailed the caribbean! And all I got was… not even a lousy T Shirt!

  • Panama Kolumbien  I sailed the caribbean! And all I got was… not even a lousy T Shirt!

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