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Oh, how beautiful is Panama! Why?

Saturday, 5. December 2009 0:02

Panama was not on our itinerary, but his reputation was irresistible, especially since we were already almost in the corner. At least two things we wanted to see there before we enter a boat toward Colombia. Firstly, the highly acclaimed City of Panama City and the current group as a perfect Caribbean paradise island of Bocas del Toro. By Chauita or. Puerto Viejo is the border crossing direction Bocas an easy game, so get out.
First, take the bus to Sixaola. Cost, ca. 4US$. Please note there are two different buses, a palm tree and stops at each required for the 35km 4-5 Hours, the "Express" bus requires only about. 1,5 Hours. They caught the reader may guess which bus WE :-/
Once in Sixaola you walk, bag and baggage to the last kilometer to the border, which is represented here by a river. One comes across a scary ramshackle wooden / steel bridge, about as wide as a car, and as- and time of cars, Frequented by pedestrians and bicycles. Nothing for people with acrophobia. The formalities are done hastily at the two bridgeheads. For one-way travelers always a pain in the ass: The border of Panama asking for a return ticket - which, of course, for the bargain price of $ 11US per person. can be purchased directly in the form of a local bus tickets at the border post. Welcome to Panama!
Directly behind the border there is a supermarket in which Reiseproviant can shop for the latest CR Colones, From here one and then you pay only in U.S. $ or. Balboa was one thing to one, the same. The Balboa coins are of the same size, Weight and material as the U.S. equivalent, and are produced even in the same U.S. Mint. On its own Balboa bills were completely waived. It is recommended that its dollar bills into the smallest possible unit ready to. On a twenty one here changes only very reluctantly - if at all.
The first 85Cent, we have spent on a bus ticket with which we have to come to Changuinola. For a further dollar we went to Almirante, Finally, in order to 4 Dollars in a boat to take place, us safely to Isla Colon (The main island of Bocas) drove. All in all, a good 60km, for which we loosely flocculent 9 Have hours needed Panama Costa Rica  Oh wie schön ist Panama! Warum eigentlich?
Na ja, We have plenty of time and Central American Adventure Bus, we are now accustomed. One, we were able to find here but not yet, the reason why Panama should be so beautiful. Not that it is not simply "beautiful" is, But by the guide announced "wooohow", what we had so extreme in Costa Rica, is unfortunately not occurred. We fear, that we are in the Caribbean have already gone blind. Is not worn? Leave until one word has literally seen enough. Undoubtedly one of the reasons for the whole journey… Panama Costa Rica  Oh wie schön ist Panama! Warum eigentlich?

  • Panama Costa Rica  Oh wie schön ist Panama! Warum eigentlich?

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Final impressions and ejections - Costa Ricas Karibik

Friday, 20. November 2009 7:00

Costa Rica Cahuita  Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe   Costa Ricas Karibik

I think I'm dead and in paradise - or something like that - waking.
So different in so many cases, it is indeed a paradise here in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Overall, and at any time is such. Here the air filled with a very melodious sound carpet. Meeresrauschen, Grillenzirpen, Gecko-frog songs and calls, that rustling in the tops of palm trees and almond trees, here and there, barking dogs or thunder, quiet times also performed live reggae rhythms from the "Cocos"… All this combines here after sunset for a backdrop from which we can not get enough.
In the course of the day you will all 3 Minutes to remind you here concerning whether. fauna in a particular place is. Early on the morning you can hear the howler monkeys. Now I do not know if the roar of the howler monkey is one of general knowledge. Certainly the Internet and Google has a taste of. It is a very strange sound, presented with a sensational animalistic fervor.
The morning sun is the best time for birds to take. It has for example. its small but very special beauty in the morning to go out of the house, sometimes even from the balcony,, welcome the latest in the garden a Colibri to be allowed, who actually served in large red and sweet-tasting flowers. Anyone who wants to take the time, lies down again briefly in the hammock, listens to and watches. It is amazing what is already in 5 Meter radius around the house, everything is happening. We had such. from our apartment at eye level, a sloth or a toucan in a tree. Of course, there are also many "not so nice" animals such as snakes, nimble, poisonous scorpions, Geier, and various palms large insects. Ants everywhere, numerous and in all sizes. Viewed in isolation, almost scary, in context, however, always wonderful detail.
The weather here can be summarized in two words describe very well. „Immer T-Shirt“. Depending on the season will change significantly only the rainfall and thus the humidity. Fantastic conditions for many tropical plants, including many edible fruit bearing. For example, I could now just go out and cut me a coconut from the palm, enjoy my thirst with the water and her tender flesh and mild aromatic. Not that I would ever do that, but the option is great to have, particularly suited to cook with coconut leaves. Bananas - both plantations, as well as wild. So abundant that the locals here are tired of their. Pineapple, Papaya, Melon and citrus fruit, of course,, from the region are here to get for little money. The vegetables come from the immediately adjacent to the coast, cooler mountain slopes and is also very good and cheap.
Speaking of money, As already described in previous entries, Costa Rica is really expensive. When taken but with the possibilities of long-life organization, it is quite possible with 5-10 U.S. $ per day a great time to spend. Including a good cooking, "Residence with sea views and many activities in the National Park or the incredibly beautiful Caribbean beaches. All in all, very pleasant environment appeal to the many people from all sources. Firstly, there are always tourists from around the world, on the other coast of Costa Rica's Caribbean is on the American "Retiree list of nice places to be" far above. This ensures that residents Cahuita's always a colorful mix of English-speaking people, Experiences and stories represent, have a can collect faster than one would like is.
Cahuita, despite its small size, or. just because, inspired by interesting, admirable but also numerous tragic individual fates. Omnipresent are the "fallen existences", leave most of the day, spend, Tourists and locals anzuschnorren.. Firstly, the most biased people here have come forth and are falling prey to the numerous existing drug. On the other hand, the native inhabitants mostly black, are the same path taken. But even everyday heroes, their "thing" running through immigration, Eternal Surfer. In addition, houses without an owner, The Panama Lady, Roberto 1, 2 and 3, the silent Strippenzieher, the old fishermen's families and a great boss. Here we do not just live - anonymous. good 2 Months were we part of a Caribbean Lindenstraße in the Cohen brothers lead director. It must be said that things happen here, can not understand it (is). It is therefore better the famous three monkeys attitude to train and live with the need to. The real difficulty is still to be seen, when the right time for this so not learned our basic attitude is matching measure. This must be practiced. I would call this time the South American "paradigm" "The tension between theory and practice, although the practice has held the role of primacy " - express views quite komliziert's pretentious and Costa Rica Cahuita  Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe   Costa Ricas Karibik
Moral dilemma, overall. There are eg. a police. This is largely employed to scour the beach for drug packages and striking people. The area around here is practically Lemon thoroughfare for smuggling drugs. The coca is one parcel and private Verhoek is like winning the lottery for the Finder. The police are here all 6 Months changed. Corruption is rampant in all forms and levels of state organs. Under these circumstances, it is with us, We last for blissful sleep, burgled. Martina's pocket with pass, two credit cards, Traveler Checks, ca. 500 US$, a wooden ring, my dirty t-shirts, my pants and cap are stolen. Kammeras, Labtop., Mobile, my papers remain unaffected although some of them lying about. After we turned on the police and one was clearly, that will happen exactly for the above reasons, especially since it is not legally dealing with a Lapalie, Now a friend comes and asks whether he should help us. We knew that this assistance will have nothing to do with the police. But we could use all the help, a new passport and a credit card cost currently. good 200 US$ (unbelievable but true), would he promised us that these things turn up again. A day later, finds the "police" Martina's Pass, the cards, the Ring, my pants and cap in Martina's bag on the beach. One day later we find the "offender" with relatively excessive cuts in hospital. Our confidence in the environment could be pointed out only time will find no more. But such things happen here with a stunning change of course and the daily life only marginally. Our neighbor, here with us-arrived Americans, over, inter alia, 20 Lived for years in Berlin and is now looking for a property here for retirement with his wife, The aim here is to be laid after one months, first on ice. I think this is overkill for a bit. Basically, you could be living peacefully here would simply give up the display of valuables. And this is a simple exercise. Nobody here takes "our" money status symbols of implication, we do not, Even the thief did not take. And waiting to accept the Central America has not explicitly on a person to become a "better" place to, should also be an easy exercise. On the contrary, act with our standards here, not only to make a clear target for criminals, but also the local population and the official authorities - not at all times as dangerous.
Well, how does that fit into our paradise? Just as the ants. Isolation does not, but well within the overall picture. Especially in the context of the local moral mistakes, Confusions and connections not only in the criminal sense come to light but also very positive for positive factors such as the occupied house construction, an existence- or school- or. Educational Foundation contribute. The "Does the end justify the means" issue is simply ignored with practice times throughout the South American paradigm away, morally we can relieve a little so that they had reached the limit of his freedom of action. Our enthusiasm for the place Cahuita, Costa Rica has this episode at least not permanently damaged. Let us have nothing against, that was at best a foretaste of the countries we will visit on this continent. Remains to be said that Costa Rica is definitely one of the countries, where you should spend a little more time. Well-paid work (Knowledge Worker) unfortunately, can be found only in San Jose.

Well, The next time we meet here, We are already in the Panama.
See you later!

  • Costa Rica Cahuita  Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe   Costa Ricas Karibik

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What you see from our balcony, so

Thursday, 19. November 2009 8:00

In addition to giant iguanas and an entire colony of vultures. Who is on the last picture the green iguana?

  • Costa Rica Cahuita  Was man von unserem Balkon aus noch so sieht

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View of the mountains of Panama

Wednesday, 18. November 2009 8:00

On our trip to Këköldi we were from a small farm (where we are very tasty, themselves have produced cheeses purchased) a wonderful view of the mountains of Panama throw. The river in the foreground normally represents the border between Costa Rica and Panama as, with this constantly in the rainy season because of the flood moves. Let's see, when we are finally able to release iron from Cost Rica, to share views and live with one foot on the ground to be able panamamesischen…

  • Costa Rica Cahuita  Blick auf die Berge von Panama

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Working in Costa Rica, Part III

Sunday, 15. November 2009 21:21

Wahrlich kein Highlight der Web-Programmierung, aber optisch viel viel besser als vorher Costa Rica Cahuita  Arbeiten in Costa Rica Teil III

Costa Rica Cahuita  Arbeiten in Costa Rica Teil III 

Costa Rica Cahuita  Arbeiten in Costa Rica Teil III

Das Ergebnis einer weiteren WocheArbeit” here: www.icari-spanishlearning.net 

In dem Zusammenhang haben wir auch unsere Seite Ansichtssachen 4u erweitert.

  • Costa Rica Cahuita  Arbeiten in Costa Rica Teil III

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