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 Über die Autoren
Ahmed el Husseini

And… what did you expect?This is about the authors - the author is a picture!
My name is Ahmed El Husseini, born 1974 in Wiesbaden. I am the owner of this site, and thus seems to have predisposed exibitionistisch schonmal. dubbed A very good friend to me recently, partly angry with such descriptions as spectacular “relaxed, but at times driven”, “witty, but rarely stupid” and “on an anti-social nature courteous”. Toll or? If I could choose, I would simply “open” take. But I think he has not said.

Now for the bad news. I photograph and write passionately, many of the things that interest me like acute down easy, to reflect them. As for me theoretically makes it a great candidate for a blog. In practice I run either the one, nor the other professional in the sense of learned craft. At this point, my apologies for possibly anticipatory. already experienced, or upcoming”Pain”browsing in the blog. Hey, I write because, here it is, of course, ALWAYS cool. I am sure, You will be joy and fun to “Ansichtssachen” have.

 Über die Autoren
Martina Pickhardt

and here is already the second author… namens Martina Pickhardt. Born 09.09.1977 in Bingen on the Rhine, I am my zodiac sign Virgo.

"The Virgin has all its order and system. Chaos and chance are downright loathed. The patente Virgin is for all times (mainly the poor) prepared. Precision, Thoroughness and reliability under this sign as well capitalized as general and detailed knowledge. & #8221;

… what should I say any more?! Are they not the perfect conditions for a one-year trip around the world? And what speaks for totally against time to find new ways and to test a few other views? If it's not but, then there is just a thorough, systematic and precise plans world tour … understands without random incidents and chaos!


So that you can enjoy my trips take place a little after - here are a few goals, I was allowed to visit after I had sworn off the package:

2001 May Mexico tour

2002 July Rundreise Spain

2002 December New York City trip

2003 April Städtereise Paris

2004 Juli              Sardinien

2005 Sep / Dec Barcelona

2005 Turkey in October

2006 August Rundreise Canada

2007 April         Städtereise Istanbul

2007 Nov           Thailand Rundreise

2008 Easter Athens City Break

2008 Juli             USA Westküste

2008 Oktober    Ägypten Kitesurfen

02/09 -04/10 World Tour