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First of all, the sentence with a knife is by Paul Watzlawick, However, we have replaced the question mark. Most of Watzlawick's books, I can fully recommend. If you still feel like a grown person has to go to school, a "wirklich” to learn - can start here.
You will here primarily private travel photography and found reports, with a focus on the theme "World Tour”. This page is a practical and universal memory for the operators. In a prepared, public interface - this blog. Hurra!
It also provides an excellent communication platform for people to share it. If you eg. are in the process of researching for a trip around the world, You could certainly find exciting.

Here's how:
You can find the right Menubar, You can view things with her completely Search.

  • Click For example, the Archivleiste an, and select one months, to see what it has done so. How have things developed.
  • Or just click through the Kategorieleiste Throughout, If you want to see the blog as we thought it to us.
  • We are also trying "Tags” (one days describing the object, to which it was fastened) to maintain. In the so-called "tag-cloud”, at the bottom of the menu bar,You can see a selection of topics, being the most common issues seem bigger. Just click on a topic, to see what records exist to.
  • Almost every entry here, each image, can Comment and so discuss. And, let it all out! The most recent contributions are by name and the name of the creator commentary is always displayed in the menu bar. Please fill out all required fields when commenting (Name and Email Address) out,otherwise your text is deleted. You can, if you want, when writing one of your comment Mail confirmation to activate, so when you have someone to answer your comment, will automatically receive.
  • You can also view you Register. To write a mail to with the subject “Login” and your desired username. You then get the password, You can then modify the selbstsändig. Why should all?  You then are interpreted automatically send a notification, when there is news here in the blog.
  • Furthermore, the comment is easier to write because you have to constantly enter your user information for each comment.

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