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Of canals, Hausbooten, Bicycles and cheese…

... This is what we encounter on a stroll through the city.
Amsterdam invites you to stroll through the narrow streets with a crooked little house along the many canals. However, you should wherever possible be it can be to move to the marked bike lanes, unless you want his life put an early end. Alternatively, you can also just an afternoon with the tasting of many of cheese, Vlas or spend Stroopwafels…

  • Holland Amsterdam  Von Grachten, Hausbooten, Fahrrädern und Käse...
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Author: Martin
Date: Tuesday, 18. Never 2010 7:00
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  1. Andrea (Bruce) H.
    Tuesday, 18. Never 2010 12:28

    Willkommen in Europa!!!

    Laut Routenplaner sind wir 243,23 KM entfernt!!! Wie sieht’s auskleiner Abstecher??? Ist doch keine Entfernung für Euch ;-)

    LG Bruce


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