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I like being on another planet

After the Salar de Uyuni, we issued immediately on the way to Chile. Therefore we must face the legendary desert Altiplano (zB. Siloli) Bolivia to south-west traverse, what we have done in a two-day Jeep "ride". In between four- and fünfeinhalbtausend meters here are landscapes appear visually easy distance ourselves from our known world. Numerous active and extinct volcanoes are powerful by minerals and algae from unreal colored lagoons. Everywhere can be found here prehistoric relics and evidence of what happened long ago, the unheard-of man and seen the picture of today's Andean shaped. Picture 10 shows such. one of many crater of meteoroids.
This area is now home to the rare Andenflamingos, the hundreds here to be observed in the lagoons. Another interesting animal that we found there is the kind chinchilla ausschaut like a rabbit with a tail Bolivien  Wie auf einem anderen Planeten I

  • Bolivien  Wie auf einem anderen Planeten I
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Author: Ahmed
Date: Sunday, 28. February 2010 7:00
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