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San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

Tuesday, 2. March 2010 7:00

It's that easy to enter so from Bolivia to Chile on the desert track is! An immigration in the middle of the desert and a bus stop, made by the Bolivian If a Collectivo by (4.300 M) scarce 50km on the Chilean side (2.100 Meter) Notes. Destination is San Pedro de Atacama, a small town with 5.000 Inhabitants in the middle of the desert. The good thing is, that it is finally back after a long summer clothes and flip-flop is climate! Another change is the local prices… After we come from the poorest country Sürdamerikanischen Bolivia - we have with Chile is now the most expensive. BUT if you go back to the comfortable eating habit, You can save at least in this respect, a lot of money.

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As if on another planet II

Monday, 1. March 2010 7:00

The second day gave us a fantastic eye- and sights. Early on the morning went to a geyser field, us directly at sunrise, with its red color transported to Mars. We went on an early bath in a natural thermal source and the Salvador Dali desert to the famous lagoon "Laguna Verde and Laguna Blanca", where our driver, Tour guide and cook erstmal had to change a tire. Only half an hour more and we reached the Bolivian border post in the region and Schwupps we were already in Chile, on the way to San Pedro de Atacama.

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