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Monday, 8. March 2010 7:00

Only 2 Stunden von Santiago entfernt liegt die wunderschöne Stadt Valparaíso inmitten zahlreicher Hügel (Cerros), mit ihrem riesigen Hafen, bunten Kolonialhäuschen und jeder Menge Kunst.

Gelandet sind wir auf dem Cerro Conception (dem Künstlerhügel) in einer sehr schönen Unterkunft mit eigenem Balkon und Blick auf den Hafen. Bei angenehmen Temperaturen von rund 30°C am Tage ließ es sich hier sehr gut leben.

Allerdings sind wir hier noch von zwei Nachbeben überrascht worden. Einmal während dem Einkauf in der Apotheke und gleich nochmal Abends im Bett, was leichte Panik der Bevölkerung zur Folge hatte. Die Schäden in Valparaíso sind größeren Ausmaßes als in Santiago, da die die Gebäude um einiges älter und sehr viel einfacher gebaut sind. Läuft man die Straßen entlang findet man überall abgesperrte Bereiche von angeschlagenen und kaputten Gebäuden.

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Santiago de Chile

Sunday, 7. March 2010 7:00

Eigentlich hätte der Weg nach La Serena direkt Richtung Osten nach Argentinien gehen sollen aber wegen Ermangelung eines Grenzüberganges sind wir dann doch noch ein Stück weiter nach Süden (Santiago) gefahren. Hier haben wir die von Hanni und Alex empfohlene Unterkunft ( getestet und waren ganz angetan von dem alten und vor allen Dingen riesigen, kolonialen Gebäude und der guten Organisation des Hostels. Nachdem wir hier allerdings die ganzen Erdbebengeschichten der Hostelbewohner und auch die Risse in den Wänden gesehen haben, haben wir schon nach 2 Tagen den nächsten Bus nach Valparaíso genommen

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La Serena - Earthquake und Beaches

Friday, 5. March 2010 7:00

Eigentlich wollten wir nur etwas Strand, Sonne und Wärme aber irgendwie sind wir (oder bin ich?) dann doch eher Weichei. Wenn sich die Sonne in La Serena blicken läßt ist es angenehm warm, sobald einen jedoch der Schatten einholt, sollte man schnellstmöglich einen Pullover zur Hand haben. Dementsprechend haben wir das mit dem Baden lieber sein lassen und dafür unsere sehr schöne und geschmackvolle Unterkunft (von einem deutschen Ehepaar geführt genossen.

Auf der Sonnenterrasse ein bißchen Roger Moore schmökern, die leckere hausgemachte Quiche probieren, chilenischen Wein trinken und den Blog aktualisieren – so kann man seine Zeit gut verbringen. Was uns ganz deutlich vor Augen geführt hat, dass wir uns in Chile schon wieder ganz stark in westlichen Verhältnissen befinden, war der kurze Ausflug in die angrenzende Shopping Mall. Einen Unterschied z.B. zu unserem Main-Taunus-Zentrum gab es nicht – also schnell wieder raus

Im Yogasaal des Hostels (in der Nacht gab es kein anderes Zimmer) hat uns übrigens das Erdebeben am frühen Sonntag morgen überrascht. Da bei uns allerdings nur ein leichtes Wackeln zu spüren war, sind wir relativ schnell wieder eingeschlafen und haben erst am nächsten Morgen im Internet das Ausmaß der Katastrophe erfahren.

Einen netten Ausflug kann man mit gemieteten Fahrrädern am Strand entlang in’s nahgelegene Coquimbo unternehmen. Dort sind wir leider von der Marinepolizei aufgehalten worden, da die Verbindungsbrücke noch wegen der Tsunamigefahr gesperrt war (auf den Bildern hält Ahmed eine der zahlreichen, über Nacht angespülten, toten Quallen in der Hand). Alternativ haben wir uns in einem der Fischrestaurants am Meer mit einer gigantischen Auswahl frischester Meeresfrüchten belohnt (den Rest gab’s mit nach Hause).

Der Strand vor La Serena und Coquimbo ist ganz nett, wenn man allerdings etwas Verlassenes ohne  große Hotelanlagen sucht, dann ist man hier an der falschen StelleAuf den Fotos haben wir es versucht zu verstecken – ich denke das ist auch ganz gut gelungen La Serena Chile  La Serena   Terremoto und Playas

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Anyone who has turned up the Clock? Is it really so late?

Thursday, 4. March 2010 7:00

Now we are in fact more than a year on the road. Actually the plan was long to be back in Germany, hard to write applications and strengthened by a long vacation for body and mind, one re-entry into an improved, to perform higher-quality life.

Have we really planned it? Why? What can we expect for even great except for one tied to a stick, the carrot we are tied up in front of the donkey carts tense, the, is no matter how fast we also always gallop in the same unattainable distance dangling in front of our delicious juicy mouth?
Money, an artificial and obviously now fully unleashed an instrument of power in private hands, without feedback to natural resources or economic, without an expiry date and the ability to be accumulated indefinitely. A little tangible paper and coins for the people, but mostly just bits and bytes in the virtual communication networks of the banks. Nevertheless, It is cemented in our minds as a real value. We want it, We want a lot, more like this. Apparently, it allows everyone a decent life. In fact, it is the only way, to the globally completely fallen out of all proportions and balance of a few acquis preserve and enhance natural resources beyond the limits of growth and decay addition to. As if there were infinite resources, as if we were to live forever. As if there were a wallet in the coffin. As if one could eat money actually in doubt.
This unspeakable illusions and the resulting global anti-social and successor generation of people "violate practices of Western civilization were tens of us, especially in poor countries-times kept in mind. Firstly incl visible through the exploitation and destruction of local natural resources. People. In favor of some far away sitting, when viewed in light of an isolated dream world of living Profiteers. But above all, it was this striking, that such "infinite growth" approach under the original, quasi "monetary and banking free" nations lacking. The scale of human happiness is highly individual, we are not certain, that the gross national product is not good for sure.

Not that this was now a big surprise or something new for us. Who has not been protested as "immaculate" teenager against the injustices of this world? We have already at home, and once again decided, after some experiences in Asia, deliberately avert their eyes from these subjects. However, it is a matter conditioned "Sitting at home" made in the nest - with through the mass media, Advertising and soft boiled brains - on the one hand, in constant fear of losing their income and consume the other hand, the need to, counting to want. An entirely different matter, it is, when in fact neither a fixed time job or great money is available, one on the back of his property and the mass media contributes only homeopathic consultation. If one looks spot, what our prosperity, our probably innocent but definitely causes with greedy ulterior motives to Bank have placed money on three corners in the world with man and nature. If one suffers because of this new status is also on site with them, that inevitably lead to the destruction of our physical and sheltered life in trained shield our conscience and arouses shame of himself next to a resulting need help, make it different and better.

We had one years, nothing like that has happened. We now want to return almost empty-handed, to put ourselves back in those same swamp with all its international causalities, that we can not paint at the time still quite nice. Nevertheless, we'll soon have to, we can not help. As a teenager, it is subject to the action-faith one would immensely important and could single-handedly save the world, one has to start only. However, we know, had we waited nothing of the poor countries of this world. No solution to their problems, no extraordinary knowledge, no influence, not even enough money. We simply preach water and drink more wine tourists. We know only our paradoxical, Money-driven affluent society. We are and will remain a part of it. In it successfully (Paradoxien opportunistisch ausnutzend) to move, that is what we have learned, that is what we can - after which we looked at in isolation, even as it delighted us so our microcosm of Germany's "good" goes. It is simply the, what makes us even before this trip and so much more associated.

Schade eigentlich, shall not begin to be commonly, a "Sabatical" would be tantamount to a positive spiritual cleansing? The only thing that has been properly cleaned with us, was the belief that people jointly organized and able to free the long term from its Kantian "self-imposed immaturity", us as set out no exception. We seem to stumble by only a minority in the next. But is not that easy at the end of life? And at least for us, life is too short to fill it so with resentment against ourselves. A serious accident and have to decide a natural disaster in the happiness of life and death, We have quite an impressive show where in doubt is the hammer, or. is. Not in our humble hands. Every day could be the last, you should also enjoy it so. No news, But seldom has made as much sense as last year. We will try to preserve this feeling.

What we will remember with pleasure also, resulting in strength and motivation can draw for the future, is the beauty of the earth. This planet is full of natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful and graceful animals… and one thing is, just because we want to do in the future will see more of it and, Soon we will just continue as we have stopped over a year ago. But, full acceptance of our moral hypocrisy. As negative as it may sound, such a great relief it is. When you had somewhere to confession.
We look forward!

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As on other planets III

Wednesday, 3. March 2010 7:00

More specifically, on the moon. Not surprisingly, they call the area here, on the edge of the Atacama Desert in Chile, Valle de la Luna "also" Tal Worlds ". What is so impressive here looks parallel to the Andes running Kordellera de la Sal. The whole can be during half-day trip from San Pedro de Atacama to visit from the comfort.

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