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I like being on another planet

Sunday, 28. February 2010 7:00

After the Salar de Uyuni, we issued immediately on the way to Chile. Therefore we must face the legendary desert Altiplano (zB. Siloli) Bolivia to south-west traverse, what we have done in a two-day Jeep "ride". In between four- and fünfeinhalbtausend meters here are landscapes appear visually easy distance ourselves from our known world. Numerous active and extinct volcanoes are powerful by minerals and algae from unreal colored lagoons. Everywhere can be found here prehistoric relics and evidence of what happened long ago, the unheard-of man and seen the picture of today's Andean shaped. Picture 10 shows such. one of many crater of meteoroids.
This area is now home to the rare Andenflamingos, the hundreds here to be observed in the lagoons. Another interesting animal that we found there is the kind chinchilla ausschaut like a rabbit with a tail Bolivien  Wie auf einem anderen Planeten I

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Take this opportunity to: Strong Earthquake in Chile, We are doing well.

Saturday, 27. February 2010 15:20

Yesterday, the South America plate tectonics before swaggering, We have witnessed it this morning, directly. The Nazca plate slipped this morning just a few meters under the South America plate, and then redeemed an earthquake of magnitude 8,8 (Richterskala) in the Pacific off the coast of Chile. The city is adjacent to the epicenter of conception and thus has suffered the worst damage. Also located north of the capital Santiago has been affected, then such. The airport was closed for a week. The number of fatalities is now with 80 quantified. The resulting tsunami was not here so much, but could still cause damage in Australia. The morning proclaimed state of disaster was already showing results. Chile is compared to the rest of South America, a Euro-sounding, rich country with good infrastructure, Organization and emergency care.
We are in the crow flies 350km north of Santiago, in the coastal city of La Serena and have approximately 3:45 Clock in the morning, Lying in bed just one example 30 sekündiges, Ghostly shaking our accommodation perceived. Dogs barking and triggered alarms, Then it was all finished here. News here is still a power failure, why the items were so late in coming. How the incident will affect our itinerary, we know at present not yet. We really hope, that we know of friends, which are currently in Chile on the road have also come with the fright.

More about (spanish):
BBC Article

Update 2.März :
Chile-Beben hat Erdachse verschoben

Update 4.März :
Wir sind seit gestern in Valparaiso. Klasse Stadt! Hier gab es gestern noch einige Nachbeben mit Epizentrum direkt vor unsere Haustuer - sozusagen. Schon krass wie die Chilenen hier damit umgehen. “Back to normal, asap!” ist hier das Motto, sehr sympathisch, koennen sich die Deutschen mal ne Scheibe von abschneiden. Wir werden trotzdem morgen schon ueber die Anden nach Argentinien fahren.

Update 6.März :
Wir sind raus aus demRisikogebiet”. Bus-Megatrip nach Buenos Aires, erfolgreich gemeistert. Nachrichten aus Chile gibts ab jetzt jetz nur noch aus den News-Kanälen der üblichen Verdächtigen.

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Saturday, 27. February 2010 7:10

Now that we have not set up the hinbekommen with the egg on the equator, unfortunately, we have taken the matter again with another successful test setup…

  • Salar de Uyuni Bolivien  Ansichtssachen

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no, not the Arctic. Der Salar de Uyuni!

Saturday, 27. February 2010 7:05

What looks like snow and ice here is nothing less than the largest dry salt lake of the Earth. 12.000 km ², to 30 Meter-thick salt crust, ca. Tons of salt. Once the sea, This landscape was created by, that the oceanic Nazca plate from the west, deep south in the continental U.S.”Thrust-plate. Was the result, adjacent to the largest of the Earth called Faltengebierge “Other”, the Altiplano, which is here picked up a good 3500m. The region has been left here illustrated as separated from the sea and the blazing sun to dry out. About 40 “Islands ", the “See”, where one only 1000 year-old cacti, numerous fossilized coral from the (from)Time is, in which it had here yet marine life.
The salt is here and there (negligible in comparison 25.000 Tonnes per year) mined. What further down looks like candy, are salt bricks with which this example. our salt hotel will be built.

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Quirky iron clusters of Nowhere

Saturday, 27. February 2010 7:00

Only three kilometers away from Uyuni are the mute witnesses Uyunis past, the time before the place opened up tourist. On the Cemeterio de Trenes are discarded French and English trains, partly through 200 Years old, once used, to transport minerals to be mined in the area. Now, the once-noble steeds of steel rust here in no-man forward as a climbing park for travelers passing through sad and cannibalized their full resolution.

  • Bolivien  Skurrile Eisenhaufen im Nirgendwo

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