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Peru is an adventure, and remains simple - state of emergency on Machu Picchu!

Friday, 29. January 2010 7:05

While here, we planned our trip to Machu Picchu, in constant contact with our on-site "correspondents" Nicole and Phil (This way to her blog), came more and more doubts whether Machu Picchu at this time (Rainy) was a good idea.
And ZACK, already a day later, reports the Mirror online: Tausende Urlauber sitzen am Machu Picchu fest "The heaviest rains since 15 Years have taken care of flooding in southern Peru. Thousands of tourists are trapped near the Inca city of Machu Picchu, Rescue helicopters are in operation - The government declared a state of emergency for the region. "
And tags on it: Tourists have to sleep in railway cars „Stromausfälle, defective ATM, Nights in railway cars: After the severe floods Peru must persevere tourists in Aguas Calientes continue under difficult conditions. German also stuck close to Machu Picchu. "
Accommodation Do not know why the mirror "in a station wagon" now holds a particularly big challenge, The value is a headline. The only reasonable explanation: relativize. Our German press, unfortunately, brings about Peru (and so many other countries around the world) always only emotionally exaggerated crisis, Disasters and war reports from x-ter hand out. What we see here in the media and hear from people but also very painful, have lost, especially for the locals to their homes and all belongings, but far less disastrous than it is read in the Mirror. Above all and before all the tourists here are "saved" has been, about what might have lived out of two classes open to people classifying a sequel. Various relief efforts have been initiated, nobody has to starve or die of thirst, certainly not tourists. Roads, Tracks and bridges are impassable or washed away, But the airlift has. If the weather is very stormy, All will be well. I think for most tourists, the date is simply a great adventure that will mess up the holiday planning properly and also provided more insight into the standards komfortlosen backpacker holiday. It could be really dangerous for the people, despite the dangerous weather conditions have broken a few days ago, to the famous Inca Trail to hike. Two are tragically killed in a landslide killed. It is believed, Despite the official closure, Further on the trail. From them we know so far, unfortunately, nothing more.

Well, what does that mean for us? Actually, only, that we have moved backwards Machu Picchu. Since the reconstruction of the badly damaged infrastructure will probably take a long time, We will in the next ten days before stopping in Resreva Nacional de Paracas, den Islas Ballestas, the plains of Nazca, the beautiful city Areqipa, The Colca Canyon, and of course at the Titicaca lake lodge. Since it is unlikely until then, We already reach the region in the State of Emergency, We will ggf. Bolivia insert two more weeks, before we come back to Peru, and then finally see Machu Picchu and beyond, The end of February, travel to Chile to continue.

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From Huaraz to Lima

Thursday, 28. January 2010 22:00

Not so long ago in the Highlands, even in the desert, or. am more. Peru is like a small continent. The 8-hour drive through mountains, Pampa, Sugar cane fields as far as the eye, Desert and more desert, to cliffs along, by "third world villages" throughout, to conclude at last found in Lima's district of Miraflores one modern European-style inn, was in a word: a Sightseeing Tour. We have attempted to document this in pictures, Unfortunately, the result is a little disappointing when you are shooting through polarizing tinted windows of a moving bus Peru  Von Huaraz nach Lima Does not matter, ago, it was simply beautiful, Miraflores be filed later.

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Spanish Classes in Huaraz

Thursday, 28. January 2010 21:51

Peru Ancash  Clases de Español in Huaraz

We chose our house after our accident, was to have all possibilities without seeking. We had a very nice room (with 2 large beds and a desk), a lovely terrace to relax (overlooking the snowy mountains and sunny), including breakfast, travel agency (at home) and the possibility (again) to take classes in Spanish.

And we've done! If you can not do anything but sleep a lot, infinite number of books read, surfing the Internet - why not (if you travel through South America a more trimestere) should (again) slightly improve our Spanish!

So we contacted the Spanish teacher from our hostel and we have agreed an initial meeting. 2 hours a day should be enough to talk much and to eliminate our worst grammatical errors.

The first impression of our Spanish teacher "Ethel" was very positive! A young Peruvian woman Huaraz, which is very nice, open and flexible and has given us much information about their country and the traditions of the indigenous. She has been especially that we've talked integers 2 hours with her without realizing that the time had passed long ago.

But also our "favorite subject grammatical": the Subjentivo, was repeated with us. It is now our task successfully use it well… But we doubt it is a problem Peru Ancash  Clases de Español in Huaraz

Classes of 2 weeks have passed very quickly and forced us (with a very positive) to talk much about all possible subjects, that will certainly help us in our journey much more!

Anyone who (as we) wants to make good Spanish classes in Huaraz, Ethel can connect directly (by email):

Dear Ethel,
we thank you for your kind interesting, fun and very informative. We wish for your trip to Holland, all the best and many interesting moments! Tell us if your website on the internet is ready, then we can link to our blog! Never forget your marketing Peru Ancash  Clases de Español in Huaraz
Best regards
Martina and Ahmed

German Version:

Our residence after the accident, we have been selected, that we have in our accommodation options, all spot. So we had a very nice, large room (with 2 huge beds and a desk), a wonderful roof terrace (able to relax with views of the snowy mountains in the sun), Breakfast service included, travel agency (in-house) and take the opportunity once again to Spanish lessons.

We have also used… Because if you can not do anything except sleep all day, read, Surfing the Internet - why should anyone (if one is still traveling a quarter year South America) not even improve once again be back a little Spanish!

So we contacted the teacher of our hostels and agreed an initial meeting. 2 Hours a day should be enough, communicate both too, as well as our worst eradicate grammar errors.

The first impression of our Spanish teacher Ethel was very positive. A young Peruvian woman from Huaraz, very nice, open and flexible and has betrayed us lots of information and traditions about their country and their people. She has made it especially, that we've talked about on some days the whole time with her without realizing, our 2 Exceeded were hours long. But our favorite grammar topic: the Subjentivo, she repeated with us. Now it is just to use it successfully Peru Ancash  Clases de Español in Huaraz

the 2 Weeks of classes have gone by very quickly and have (in a very positive way) forced to engage in long conversations about all sorts of issues, which will certainly help us on our further journey very wide!

Anyone who has as much as we want to take Spanish lessons in Huaraz, Ethel can contact directly via e-mail:

Dear Ethel,

We thank you for your interest, funny and very informative class and wish you for your trip to Holland, all the best and a great, interesting time! Let us know, if your website is ready, then we can welcome to link to our blog! Never forget the marketing Peru Ancash  Clases de Español in Huaraz
Martin & Ahmed

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Thermal Baths Chanco - or “Attempt” to relax in the Cuevas

Wednesday, 27. January 2010 14:09

For the Sunday we had set out to spend a relaxing day at the thermal baths of Chancos to.

Here you have several options, to spend the day:

  1. bathe in the public hot spring (is like a swimming pool, only on the surface produces quite small)
  2. bathe in the private hot springs (dh. you almost get a private bath in a separate room for max. 2 People)
  3. Relax in the thermale Cuevas

What we knew before our visit, unfortunately, not:

  • that the thermal baths is more like a sewage treatment plant, appear as an inviting landscape to relax (when we arrived, we were looking for them First of, said the taxi driver before, they lay in front of us)
  • Sundays seem that half the region is on its feet, to attend to Chancos
  • that the maximum. Length of stay in a Cave 15-20 Minutes is (and one rausgeklopft immediately after the end of the night waiting, "" will be)
  • Cuevas is the only use "privado" to (what can explode waiting)
  • that in the 9 various Cuevas 'only' temperatures between 35 ° to 54 ° C prevail (However, if one loves saunas at 90 ° C, then it can hardly even be good)
  • that after each time you visit the site completely attracts limited, to wait before the next "attraction" to (here is no sign of relaxing)
  • having to wait in a queue in front of outdoor Cueva needs of each, allowed to get in. (that can be quite cold in the long run)
  • that the people waiting their pets, Families and friends along, Picnic and bullfights take a look mi TV (that, So the food and the pets, is for a rather unhygienic and secondly, it feels like being on a big fiesta, instead of in the sauna)
  • that a brass band plays all day in an immense volume of the same dramatic music (because I was almost the Gamelanorchester Bali prefer and that has really been rendered permanently aggressive)

All these points have certainly ultimately led to, that we have set ourselves First of good cheer in the queue of the "hottest" cave with 54 ° C. After 2 hours of waiting, however, (We were not really penetrated the entrance near) - We are then umgeswitcht in a cave with a much smaller queue (I think I need not say, that this was the coldest!) around for 3 Hours of waiting at last half-frozen for 15 Hopping minutes in a 35 ° Cueva to be able to…
In the vestibule of the cave beat us erstmal a violent, urinary Duftwolke forward and hygienic conditions have made us take off our clothes with reluctance. In the Cueva but then we waited expectantly to the heat pulse, we would have been so urgently needed - but somehow this did not stop even after Ahmed's towel-Wedel-intentioned attempts. That left us at least, the dark cave to explore a bit (actually you can not leave the bench), until we even rudely, and by loud knocking, from the next, waiting, Peruvian family were forced to leave.
The showers we have saved us, precisely because water was not available and it worked with the sweat only conditionally. The visit another Cueva, or even the thermal springs, we have also pinched us, since it is already dark outside, and we still had to go home.
Thus, our Relaxtag is something gone differently than planned, we were able to experience the local customs and traditions - BUT nevertheless we are looking forward to our return animal to a "real" sauna as we know it from Germany.

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Somewhere in the (Honco-)Pampa…

Monday, 25. January 2010 19:56

…There are pre-Inca ruins to see. However, not much is left of it. Either they were destroyed, removed or simply growing new homes. zB. in the last picture, small in the middle. Can it be chalked up to the people here really? They lived very long in isolation and what is our spiritual archaeological value, was for her first time material for life. Since the Honcopampa but has developed a good year for tourists, are sure that will change soon. Ggf. Here is then reconstructed with replicas of ancient appearance. Already, the Honcopampa is considered very picturesque. A (small) humid Pampas located in a valley, between the Cordillera Blanca and Negra. Grasflächen, crisscrossed by rivers and Rinsalen, by glaciers everywhere here, "stored" rocks and stones. It even has a mandatory Waterfall.

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