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Modernes Kuala Lumpur

Friday, 27. March 2009 14:07

Auch wenn es zwei Serien sind,  die Übergänge von klassisch nach modern sind fließend in KL. Nahtlose Integration sozusagen. Erfolgreiche Integration (schreckliches Wort) - auch und insbesondere in kultureller und religiöser Hinsicht - ist in KL übrigens überall zu erkennen. “Multikultiwird hier tatsächlich pragmatisch gelebt - nicht nur darüber in unerreichbaren und Spähren immer und immer wieder schwadroniert und verkompliziert. Wer hier aufwächst oder lebt, kennt und respektiert je nach Situation die grundlegenden Paradigmen von fünf Religionen und spricht mindestens drei Sprachen. Hier koextieren Burkha und Minirock nahezu problemlos. Metasprache ist schlicht englisch.
Well, KL ist eine junge Stadt, die nie wirklich eineIdentitätoder ähnliches zu verlieren und ggf. zu verteidigen hatte, sondern stets einfach nur gewachsen und dazugewonnen hat. Ich bin schwer beindruckt, wie positiv sich das fehlen von Historie und Tradition in Kombination mit Wohlstand zum Besten aller Beteiligten auswirken kann.

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Klassisches Kuala Lumpur

Friday, 27. March 2009 13:44

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Langkawi Geopark Panorama

Friday, 27. March 2009 12:13

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An einem Langkawi (Malaysia) Strand

Friday, 27. March 2009 12:03

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Regard: revised entry requirements for Thailand

Friday, 20. March 2009 11:47

Here is a brief information regarding the current entry requirements for Thailand. It makes sense to take them into account in advance, because there was so much some arduous circumstances, can save unnecessary costs and time.


Since the beginning of the year 2009 (as a result of the riots at the airport in Bangkok end 2008) each visitor in the Entry to Thailand with the Aircraft (!) as usual - a residence permit for 30 Roofs.


When Entry the Land route or by Ship (zB.: about Cambodia, Laos, Burma or Malaysia) the length of stay was halved. Thus, for only 15 Roofs (this is usually sufficient for a stay in Thailand in any way, as the country is in area just far too large).


There are the tourists, arriving by plane but not 3 The possibilities offered 15 to extend days:


  1. Before leaving for Thailand to visit the Thai Embassy in neighboring states to request a free (!) Tourist visa 30 Roofs → this is the best and cheapest way
  2. You have to leave Thailand to 15 Days, and after re-entry more 15 Roofs (these include but are not automatically on the first 14 Days but at the moment, on which they were requested). → this means the interruption of the holiday and draws the appropriate travel expenses to be
  3. One looks in Thailand, the Bureau of Immigration buys "” additional 7 Roofs (Maximum) Extension (a total of 21 Roofs) and pays as much as 1.900 Baht → absolute usury for a shorter stay


    If you can ignore all the rules, then they will violently when leaving the country for any excess over the days to checkout and asked to have landed on a "Blacklist“, to a subsequent entry into Thailand, possibly. impossible!

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