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Hello! And, here's what!

Wednesday, 23. June 2010 10:55

As can be easy, we arrived safely back in Germany. In the course of using the re-entry resulting paperwork, the administrative procedures and job search, the many visiting friends and relatives and of course the World Cup held here on our desire to report within limits.

However, it is still a lot to happen here. Various photo books, Calendar and other beautiful things in view of the pipeline and will be published here of course. Here's a preview of Martina's Photo Album:
Status Behörden  Hallo! Ja, hier passiert noch was!
Looks great from, or? We will also sort the categories meaningful new and re-organize the "tags". So the surfing here should be easier and more intuitive. A great facts article is yet to come, that is, numbers and informative data. Also very detailed reports of the interesting first time here in Germany is subsequently confirmed. The employment office, or. the Agency for Work will occupy a special place, whose incredible methods of prevention services is definitely needed more space in the public. Short, until then I was deprived of any claim - as I had never paid a cent. Just refer a face. Megan's request is in the same circumstances (We even noticed the dates together) already by. Why? I do not want to prejudge, but I have a sad suspicion. I will have to seek a lawyer. Welcome back.

At this point, anyway thanks for reading, post your comments. Our statistics say, that we are currently still about. 100 Visitors per day have - I think that is great. See you soon!

The Ahmed

  • Status Behörden  Hallo! Ja, hier passiert noch was!

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