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Anyone who has turned up the Clock? Is it really so late?

Thursday, 4. March 2010 7:00

Now we are in fact more than a year on the road. Actually the plan was long to be back in Germany, hard to write applications and strengthened by a long vacation for body and mind, one re-entry into an improved, to perform higher-quality life.

Have we really planned it? Why? What can we expect for even great except for one tied to a stick, the carrot we are tied up in front of the donkey carts tense, the, is no matter how fast we also always gallop in the same unattainable distance dangling in front of our delicious juicy mouth?
Money, an artificial and obviously now fully unleashed an instrument of power in private hands, without feedback to natural resources or economic, without an expiry date and the ability to be accumulated indefinitely. A little tangible paper and coins for the people, but mostly just bits and bytes in the virtual communication networks of the banks. Nevertheless, It is cemented in our minds as a real value. We want it, We want a lot, more like this. Apparently, it allows everyone a decent life. In fact, it is the only way, to the globally completely fallen out of all proportions and balance of a few acquis preserve and enhance natural resources beyond the limits of growth and decay addition to. As if there were infinite resources, as if we were to live forever. As if there were a wallet in the coffin. As if one could eat money actually in doubt.
This unspeakable illusions and the resulting global anti-social and successor generation of people "violate practices of Western civilization were tens of us, especially in poor countries-times kept in mind. Firstly incl visible through the exploitation and destruction of local natural resources. People. In favor of some far away sitting, when viewed in light of an isolated dream world of living Profiteers. But above all, it was this striking, that such "infinite growth" approach under the original, quasi "monetary and banking free" nations lacking. The scale of human happiness is highly individual, we are not certain, that the gross national product is not good for sure.

Not that this was now a big surprise or something new for us. Who has not been protested as "immaculate" teenager against the injustices of this world? We have already at home, and once again decided, after some experiences in Asia, deliberately avert their eyes from these subjects. However, it is a matter conditioned "Sitting at home" made in the nest - with through the mass media, Advertising and soft boiled brains - on the one hand, in constant fear of losing their income and consume the other hand, the need to, counting to want. An entirely different matter, it is, when in fact neither a fixed time job or great money is available, one on the back of his property and the mass media contributes only homeopathic consultation. If one looks spot, what our prosperity, our probably innocent but definitely causes with greedy ulterior motives to Bank have placed money on three corners in the world with man and nature. If one suffers because of this new status is also on site with them, that inevitably lead to the destruction of our physical and sheltered life in trained shield our conscience and arouses shame of himself next to a resulting need help, make it different and better.

We had one years, nothing like that has happened. We now want to return almost empty-handed, to put ourselves back in those same swamp with all its international causalities, that we can not paint at the time still quite nice. Nevertheless, we'll soon have to, we can not help. As a teenager, it is subject to the action-faith one would immensely important and could single-handedly save the world, one has to start only. However, we know, had we waited nothing of the poor countries of this world. No solution to their problems, no extraordinary knowledge, no influence, not even enough money. We simply preach water and drink more wine tourists. We know only our paradoxical, Money-driven affluent society. We are and will remain a part of it. In it successfully (Paradoxien opportunistisch ausnutzend) to move, that is what we have learned, that is what we can - after which we looked at in isolation, even as it delighted us so our microcosm of Germany's "good" goes. It is simply the, what makes us even before this trip and so much more associated.

Schade eigentlich, shall not begin to be commonly, a "Sabatical" would be tantamount to a positive spiritual cleansing? The only thing that has been properly cleaned with us, was the belief that people jointly organized and able to free the long term from its Kantian "self-imposed immaturity", us as set out no exception. We seem to stumble by only a minority in the next. But is not that easy at the end of life? And at least for us, life is too short to fill it so with resentment against ourselves. A serious accident and have to decide a natural disaster in the happiness of life and death, We have quite an impressive show where in doubt is the hammer, or. is. Not in our humble hands. Every day could be the last, you should also enjoy it so. No news, But seldom has made as much sense as last year. We will try to preserve this feeling.

What we will remember with pleasure also, resulting in strength and motivation can draw for the future, is the beauty of the earth. This planet is full of natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful and graceful animals… and one thing is, just because we want to do in the future will see more of it and, Soon we will just continue as we have stopped over a year ago. But, full acceptance of our moral hypocrisy. As negative as it may sound, such a great relief it is. When you had somewhere to confession.
We look forward!

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Final impressions and ejections - Costa Ricas Karibik

Friday, 20. November 2009 7:00

Costa Rica Cahuita  Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe   Costa Ricas Karibik

I think I'm dead and in paradise - or something like that - waking.
So different in so many cases, it is indeed a paradise here in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Overall, and at any time is such. Here the air filled with a very melodious sound carpet. Meeresrauschen, Grillenzirpen, Gecko-frog songs and calls, that rustling in the tops of palm trees and almond trees, here and there, barking dogs or thunder, quiet times also performed live reggae rhythms from the "Cocos"… All this combines here after sunset for a backdrop from which we can not get enough.
In the course of the day you will all 3 Minutes to remind you here concerning whether. fauna in a particular place is. Early on the morning you can hear the howler monkeys. Now I do not know if the roar of the howler monkey is one of general knowledge. Certainly the Internet and Google has a taste of. It is a very strange sound, presented with a sensational animalistic fervor.
The morning sun is the best time for birds to take. It has for example. its small but very special beauty in the morning to go out of the house, sometimes even from the balcony,, welcome the latest in the garden a Colibri to be allowed, who actually served in large red and sweet-tasting flowers. Anyone who wants to take the time, lies down again briefly in the hammock, listens to and watches. It is amazing what is already in 5 Meter radius around the house, everything is happening. We had such. from our apartment at eye level, a sloth or a toucan in a tree. Of course, there are also many "not so nice" animals such as snakes, nimble, poisonous scorpions, Geier, and various palms large insects. Ants everywhere, numerous and in all sizes. Viewed in isolation, almost scary, in context, however, always wonderful detail.
The weather here can be summarized in two words describe very well. „Immer T-Shirt“. Depending on the season will change significantly only the rainfall and thus the humidity. Fantastic conditions for many tropical plants, including many edible fruit bearing. For example, I could now just go out and cut me a coconut from the palm, enjoy my thirst with the water and her tender flesh and mild aromatic. Not that I would ever do that, but the option is great to have, particularly suited to cook with coconut leaves. Bananas - both plantations, as well as wild. So abundant that the locals here are tired of their. Pineapple, Papaya, Melon and citrus fruit, of course,, from the region are here to get for little money. The vegetables come from the immediately adjacent to the coast, cooler mountain slopes and is also very good and cheap.
Speaking of money, As already described in previous entries, Costa Rica is really expensive. When taken but with the possibilities of long-life organization, it is quite possible with 5-10 U.S. $ per day a great time to spend. Including a good cooking, "Residence with sea views and many activities in the National Park or the incredibly beautiful Caribbean beaches. All in all, very pleasant environment appeal to the many people from all sources. Firstly, there are always tourists from around the world, on the other coast of Costa Rica's Caribbean is on the American "Retiree list of nice places to be" far above. This ensures that residents Cahuita's always a colorful mix of English-speaking people, Experiences and stories represent, have a can collect faster than one would like is.
Cahuita, despite its small size, or. just because, inspired by interesting, admirable but also numerous tragic individual fates. Omnipresent are the "fallen existences", leave most of the day, spend, Tourists and locals anzuschnorren.. Firstly, the most biased people here have come forth and are falling prey to the numerous existing drug. On the other hand, the native inhabitants mostly black, are the same path taken. But even everyday heroes, their "thing" running through immigration, Eternal Surfer. In addition, houses without an owner, The Panama Lady, Roberto 1, 2 and 3, the silent Strippenzieher, the old fishermen's families and a great boss. Here we do not just live - anonymous. good 2 Months were we part of a Caribbean Lindenstraße in the Cohen brothers lead director. It must be said that things happen here, can not understand it (is). It is therefore better the famous three monkeys attitude to train and live with the need to. The real difficulty is still to be seen, when the right time for this so not learned our basic attitude is matching measure. This must be practiced. I would call this time the South American "paradigm" "The tension between theory and practice, although the practice has held the role of primacy " - express views quite komliziert's pretentious and Costa Rica Cahuita  Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe   Costa Ricas Karibik
Moral dilemma, overall. There are eg. a police. This is largely employed to scour the beach for drug packages and striking people. The area around here is practically Lemon thoroughfare for smuggling drugs. The coca is one parcel and private Verhoek is like winning the lottery for the Finder. The police are here all 6 Months changed. Corruption is rampant in all forms and levels of state organs. Under these circumstances, it is with us, We last for blissful sleep, burgled. Martina's pocket with pass, two credit cards, Traveler Checks, ca. 500 US$, a wooden ring, my dirty t-shirts, my pants and cap are stolen. Kammeras, Labtop., Mobile, my papers remain unaffected although some of them lying about. After we turned on the police and one was clearly, that will happen exactly for the above reasons, especially since it is not legally dealing with a Lapalie, Now a friend comes and asks whether he should help us. We knew that this assistance will have nothing to do with the police. But we could use all the help, a new passport and a credit card cost currently. good 200 US$ (unbelievable but true), would he promised us that these things turn up again. A day later, finds the "police" Martina's Pass, the cards, the Ring, my pants and cap in Martina's bag on the beach. One day later we find the "offender" with relatively excessive cuts in hospital. Our confidence in the environment could be pointed out only time will find no more. But such things happen here with a stunning change of course and the daily life only marginally. Our neighbor, here with us-arrived Americans, over, inter alia, 20 Lived for years in Berlin and is now looking for a property here for retirement with his wife, The aim here is to be laid after one months, first on ice. I think this is overkill for a bit. Basically, you could be living peacefully here would simply give up the display of valuables. And this is a simple exercise. Nobody here takes "our" money status symbols of implication, we do not, Even the thief did not take. And waiting to accept the Central America has not explicitly on a person to become a "better" place to, should also be an easy exercise. On the contrary, act with our standards here, not only to make a clear target for criminals, but also the local population and the official authorities - not at all times as dangerous.
Well, how does that fit into our paradise? Just as the ants. Isolation does not, but well within the overall picture. Especially in the context of the local moral mistakes, Confusions and connections not only in the criminal sense come to light but also very positive for positive factors such as the occupied house construction, an existence- or school- or. Educational Foundation contribute. The "Does the end justify the means" issue is simply ignored with practice times throughout the South American paradigm away, morally we can relieve a little so that they had reached the limit of his freedom of action. Our enthusiasm for the place Cahuita, Costa Rica has this episode at least not permanently damaged. Let us have nothing against, that was at best a foretaste of the countries we will visit on this continent. Remains to be said that Costa Rica is definitely one of the countries, where you should spend a little more time. Well-paid work (Knowledge Worker) unfortunately, can be found only in San Jose.

Well, The next time we meet here, We are already in the Panama.
See you later!

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Was!? As early as three months on the road?

Wednesday, 22. April 2009 15:15

Actually. Now three months have elapsed since the beginning of our school trip and we have completed the chapter on Southeast Asia in order quasi -. Is from the soon-to-glass-half-empty perspective, is the uncanny bad, since this is already the fourth of the scheduled time. On the other hand, we can both remember any recent three months of our lives so focused new, impressive, are worth seeing, but also depressing and frightening brought with it. We are concerned as to whether we would have the fullness of the indenter has a whole year on the road. Impressions are not from TV or other media that have been affected by the x-th hand, ago but experienced. The brain and the senses are working positively tingling way in full swing. The learning curve as you look at the different circumstances and while serving as contrasts to day problems and was best adapted in this regard extremely steep. Certainly one can be without this experience just like that, but now, because we have tasted the fruit of the soul very tasty "independent intensive long journey", We know that we missed the beginning of the journey to something very fundamental aspect of the manifold next to the natural beauty of this earth. On the one hand to witness first hand how to organize the vast majority of people beyond our Western reality, adjusts, Despite all the odds and find his way frequently acts much happier than we were. Secondly, the feeling to feel completely free as far as possible and to act well so. That, of course, that feeling in a double sense only on the basis of our previous, more or less self-chosen way of life (professional, very unfree Rat-Race and appropriate financial compensation to the right place really is a lot of money) possible, us is perfectly clear.
Of course, within this framework, we had the romantic idea of one or another phase. But two minutes later discarded, of - Let us have nothing against - this with our financial resources would be most likely final. Because once you get into the spiral of the local currency, that is, the local currency to local standards and wage levels (Southeast Asia consists almost entirely of low-cost countries) deserves, has very likely due to the traveling and living with the freedom guaranteed settled once and for all. Although we see, above mentioned briefly, days here, despite the odds every day really happy and satisfied people, However, we are closing the access to this happiness, that is primarily founded on simple deep-rooted family values. Our emotional foundation, by western trained to, enlightened wealth Socialization, based on continuous material competition and self -, was not affected by these three months in any event. We could not be satisfied with this "simple" happiness. We know (yet) not whether it is personal for us, good or bad. We only know, that neither our previous performance levels, still lived here we would put any content on its own. The most likely, will be trivial-sounding way it will live to be a balance between the two aspects.
After the first three months here, we would be well with the state in (very opportune) Balance are: A working and living in central western prosperity and so often it's the money that was earned there to spend in Southeast Asia. At some point if it has prepared itself, evtl. should live completely relocate to South East Asia.
Oops. That is something new gaaaaaanz! Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Kambodscha Indonesien  Was!? Schon drei Monate unterwegs?

Na ja, babbled enough. We still have three quarters of the time and several continents before us. Next time when we will report here this is from Down Under. High Cost Country - Hooray!?

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Kho Phi Phi Farewell - Last impressions and ejections

Friday, 20. March 2009 3:20

Now, after two weeks real "dream vacation” on a gorgeous island, we have decided with a heavy heart, We continue to move to Malaysia - more precisely, for a few days to Langkawi, before we take another urban jungle in a further inspection: Kuala Lumpur.

Now I'm sitting here, as so often in the morning in the last few days in D's Book Shop in the heart of Phi Phi Town, it is already good 26 Degree Celsius, and the everlasting (single?) but pleasant jazz CD rotates in HiFi and mixes with the (verbrennungsmotorfreien) Sounds of the street. I drink a Latte Coffee, I look at the people here very relaxed barefoot or in flip-flops and shuffle vorbeischlappen, and wonder "What's stuck? Why heavy heart?”.

Clear! In the backdrop, Who would not like to stay there longer. Seems to be the obvious answer. But it was not alone, especially since we just do not resided in a star resort or bungalows, but our desires and budget accordingly in a simple but functional rooms, only with fan and cold shower, without air conditioning, Refrigerator, TV and every other comfort or. for this island oversized knick-knacks.

First it was here to learn through the duration of the stay and the clear size of the island to know people can quickly. Not even after the many "major” small-talks namen- and faceless tourist, the rule. right here are not like they are otherwise, but rather in the carnival-State of Emergency. Already we've learned some of the inhabitants of the island. People who are born here, decades have been living here, work here and have a life. A Tattoo Studio, Lederwarenladen, Restaurant, a bar or a Guest House at or supervise.

All these people seemed to have a common, a highly contagious peace. I still remember how I felt on the first day actually turned up disturbing. Constantly interested in the time, talking too fast, constantly on the move. Well, after a short time, we noticed, no matter what the Clock we were hanging on a wall, they indicated all the different times. Not five minutes difference, No time was more or less arbitrarily set. On a Clock, It was half past one, ten meters further there was a little before six and ten meters back ten-point - and always, Clock this one just stood still. So we put off our watches. The effect was terrific. We listened just yet our inner Clock. We went to bed, if it is "time” This was, sleep and woke up completely then, when our body the thought was right. This meant that we have not slept until noon at twelve. In general, we were at night between elf und ein clock in bed and woke zwischen acht und neun clock in the morning on - as it turned out. We bought a fresh and ate when we were hungry, we swam in the sea or walked when we wanted to move, we were just lying in the shade when we wanted to. This rather original way of life, high-motion, much sleep and a lot of thinking in daily vigorous thunderstorms in the evening, made us very soon to be very quiet - in the positive sense. Right now as I write these lines, I feel really good all round. It focuses on himself and his next environment. Many of the events the other day an article in the news are already falling into trouble now actually so far away, as they are now de facto times: Too far away to have some way to influence. Here is the first time I became really clear that I'm just completely free of professional pecking order. Well, we make no mistake, the social pecking order can not hide, also not - but you almost automatically slips here in a cautious observer position. No thought remains on track. You think much of this was just one easy-to-end and employs it can then be based on. No nightly tooth brushing with unanswered questions of the day durchexerzierten, no big worry. Just tired, sleep fat and happy and see what makes the next day. Life in the 'now” and especially in the "here”. I had never seen such a thing as a cure - but I would say the time was here a. In particular, determine the certainty of the duration of this treatment themselves to, seemed very freeing.

How much this body and mind depend on each other, I was also a clear illustration of. I had since the end 2008 a rash, of which I have accepted, that it was psychosomatic nature. I was sure, as soon as I have denounced it will better. This was not. In fact, he was in Phnom Penh still there. Two weeks here, and nothing is left of it. Simply disappeared. Without medication, in the literal sense.

One thing is certain, that was not our last stay in this corner of Thailand. And since we do not want to because of visa problems with our visas already extended to the black list (There's really), Unfortunately we have now gone.

  • Thailand Kho Phi Phi  Abschied von Kho Phi Phi – Letzte Eindrücke und Auswürfe

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Vietnam – Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe

Tuesday, 24. February 2009 5:20



Vietnam kann ich persönlich jedem uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen, der mindesten drei der vier folgende Sätze ohne langes nachdenken bejahen kann:

  • Eigeninitiative empfinde ich nicht mühevoll und stressig sondern als identitäts- und sinnstiftend
  • Der Begriff „Qualitätist für mich situationsbedingt und muss differenziert benutzt werden
  • Wenn ich Preise nicht in Frage stelle und ggf. nachverhandle zahle ich eindeutig zu viel
  • Stress der mich nicht betrifft und Lärm anderer Menschen kann ich nach kurzer Zeit einfach ausblenden


Vietnam ist ein Land der Gegensätze. In nahezu allen Belangen. Tradition trifft auf Moderne, Sozialismus auf Marktwirtschaft, Bambushütten auf Hochtechnologie, alt auf jung, arm auf reich. Das Spannungsfeld was sich hierbei jeweils auftut, scheint im Zeitraffer durchschritten zu werden. Als hätten die Vietnamesen die Gabe, sich mit allen Hindernissen irgendwie besonders schnell arrangieren zu können. Vietnam ist dem entsprechend eine aufstrebende Nation (ca. 85 Mio. Einwohner) mit einem unglaublichen Bevölkerungswachstum, das Durchschnittsalter im Mekong Gebiet beträgt beispielsweise gerade mal 26 Jahre. Und das liegt nicht daran das dort früh gestorben wird (Tatsächlich ist das Gegenteil der Fall), sondern einzig an der Vermehrungsfreudigkeit der Einwohner.

Es hat jedoch den Anschein das Vietnam über keine sogenannte Mittelschicht verfügt. Die meisten Menschen bewegen sich zwischen sehr arm und arm. Einige wenige zwischen reich und sehr reich. Ein eindeutiges Zeichen lässt sich diesbezüglich in den Metropolen Hanoi oder Saigon beobachten. Zwischen den endlosen Massen an Mofas und Fahrrädern, die das typische Straßenbild prägen, entdeckt man immer wieder von Vietnamesen gefahrene luxuriöse Statussymbole wie Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes AMG, BMW X6 oder gar einen Lamborghini. Ich weiß nicht wie die sehr reichen zu dem gekommen sind was sie heute besitzen. Nahe liegend sind Mobilfunk, Textilien für den Westen, Karaoke Zubehör und Tourismus. Oder aber das Erbe des sich in Auflösung befindlichen politischen Regimes. Die Länder in denen der Sozialismus mehr oder weniger nur noch auf dem Papier (Zeitungen) existiert, scheinen jedenfalls alle an den gleichen „Symptomenzu leiden: Turbokapitalismus für einige, Hungertuch für die Masse - aber immerhin mit der theoretischen Option auch mal viel Geld verdienen zu können

Bildung gibt es bis zu einem Grundniveau gratis, alles weiter kostet jedoch viel Geld, sodass für die meisten Vietnamesen ein Abitur oder eine Hochschule unerreichbar ist. Ähnliches gilt bei der Gesundheitsfürsorge. Gute Zähne und ein für unserer Augen „schönesLächeln, sind in Vietnam eher selten. Trotz dieser Widrigkeiten scheinen sie den augenscheinlich „reichenTouristen nicht zu verachten, oder gar zu hassen (bis auf einige Bergdörfer im Norden). Tourismus wird, um ihn anzukurbeln (zu kontrollieren?), sogar staatlich gefördert.

In der Mentalität lässt sich durch die jüngere Geschichte bedingt ein gewisses Nord-Süd Gefälle bemerken. Sind die Menschen im Norden noch reservierter so begegnet man einem im Süden etwas herzlicher, jedoch auch verstärkt mit dem Hintergedanken das sich nicht etwas Geld aus dem Touristen herausschlagen lassen könnte. Jegliche Preise verdoppeln sich sofort, sobald man der Sprache nicht mächtig ist.

Die Jugend in Vietnam ist hungrig nach Technologien wie dem Internet und seinen (Spiele)Möglichkeiten. Mobile Kommunikation in all ihren Ausprägungen mit modernstem Equipment noch in den entlegensten Gegenden des Landes lassen einige westliche Länder „altaussehen. Wer einen Job hat, hat ein fanzy Handy und zuhause neben dem TV eine Karaokemachine - bei einer Arbeitslosenquote von ca. 2%. Funk-Technologie ist in Vietnam zweifelsohne bereits jetzt das Rückgrat der Kommunikation. Allerdings blieb dem Land auch wenig anderes übrig, denn für weitere Kabel ist einfach kein Platz mehr. Bereits jetzt sind die Städte mit einem Netz aus zigtausend Kilometer Freiluftkabel geschmückt, deren Zuverlässigkeit nicht die höchste sein dürfte.

Zurück zur Tradition, die für viele junge Vietnamesen ebenfalls sehr wichtig ist. Heiraten und Kinder bekommen ist nach wie vor das große Ziel und ein absolut erfüllender Lebensinhalt. Dabei ist es der Mann der für sämtliche Kosten und den Unterhalt der Freundin aufkommen muss - bis die  beiden verheiratet sind. Ich weiß nicht genau was danach (außer erfolgreichem Kinder machen) hinter verschlossenen Türen passiert, auffällig war für mich jedoch, dass die vietnamesischen Frauen allesamt ausgesprochen geschäftstüchtig waren. Sie machen die Preise und führen die Verhandlungen während sich die Männer weitestgehend zurückhielten. Ein junger Mann in Hanoi, hat einmal Martina Geld zurückgegeben, das sie ihm zu viel gegeben hatte weil sie ihn beim Preis erfragen falsch verstanden hat. Darauf hin wurden wir Zeuge einer für diesen armen Kerl wahrscheinlich sehr unangenehmen Beschimpfung durch die Frau des Nachbarstandes. Die einzige Männerdomäne scheint alles rund um den Verbrennungsmotor zu sein. Machinenbau, -bedienung und -wartung, hier und bei der Personenbeförderung dürfen sich die Männer die Finger schmutzig machen. Möchte man sich jedoch ein Mofa ausleihen, kommt man wiederum nicht an der Frau des Hauses vorbei.

Apropos Verhandlungen. Mir war nicht klar was der sehr weit verbreitete und recht paradoxe Spruch „same same - but differentzu bedeuten hat, der es auf T-Shirts getragen mittlerweile einmal um die Welt geschafft haben dürfte. „Same sameist DER Standartspruch in einer Verhandlung, der ausdrücken soll, dass die Leistung (Transport, Zimmer, eat, Ausstattung , Kondition jeglicher Couleur,…) die man gerade erfragt das gleiche beinhaltet wie das Angebot das man von einem anderen Anbieter hat, or. das man sich ad hoc ausgedacht hat, um eine Wettbewerber vorzutäuschen weil der erste Preis unrealistisch ist. Fakt ist: Es war niemals „same”. Nie! Egal wie vertrauenerweckend die Person schien die nicht müde wurde „same samezu wiederholen.Die erworbene Leistung war für uns stets „differentals vorher ausgemacht - leider im negativen Sinne und somit ein Enttäuschung. Da man den  „same sameSituationen jedoch nicht entkommen kann wenn man einmal das Verhandlungsgebaren und den fantasievollen „ersten Preisder Vietnamesen (der  übrigens definitiv ebenfalls ein „differentErgebnis zur Folge hätte) durchschaut hat, blieb uns nichts weiter übrig als die ganze „same sameGepflogenheit mit Humor und Ironie zu sehen. Ich denke das ist generell eine gute Reaktion auf ein Paradoxie. So erklärt sich wahrscheinlich auch der Erfolg des T-Shirts „same same - but differentdas hier in Vietnam häufiger bei Touristen zu sehen war. Sie scheinen unmissverständlich signalisieren zu wollen „same same - Already clear, mach halt einen realistischen Preis und gut is”.

Nun zum Essen. Das Essen in Vietnam ist fantastisch. Weniger würzig und scharf als in Thailand aber intensiver am Gaumen als in Japan, haben viele Speisen einen sehr feinen und trotzdem wohl differenzierten Geschmack. Die Basis stellt fast immer Reis und Gemüse dar. Reis, Reisnudeln, Reissuppe, Reispapier, ReisSchleim(?) - gekocht, gebraten, geröstet oder umgedreht. Dazu kommen Sojabohnen, Pfefferminzblätter, Spinatblätter, kleine Salatblätter, Kohl und ggf. noch weiteres Gemüse, das wir jedoch nicht identifizieren konnten. Dazu gibt es verschieden Saucen. Chilli süß sauer, Squid-Souce (fischig süß) mit oder ohne Knoblauch, Sojasauce und der gleichen. Für die meisten Vietnamesen bleibt es dann auch dabei, da Fleisch Luxus ist den man eben nicht jeden Tag hat. Eventuell ein Ei dazu, aber häufiger kommt Tofu zum Einsatz, den man mit entsprechenden Saucen zu echtem Soulfood (wie z.B. Spare Ribs - kein Fleisch drann, aber viel Geschmack drumherum) aufwerten kann. Wenn es Fleisch gibt so wird es in der Regel gegrillt, gebraten oder in der „besserenAusführung paniert. Vom  geschlachteten Tier wird so ziemlich alles verwendet. So kann man auf Märkten Stände finden, die das Verkaufen was bei uns in Deutschland bestenfalls als Hundefutter Verwendung findet. Im Zweifelsfall auch selbigen Hund. Ich finde das persönlich weder verwerflich noch anstößig. Tatsächlich empfinde ich die Doppelmoral mit der viele westliche Touristen auf das vietnamesische Fleischangebot reagieren und das lauthals, teils aggressiv,  den Einheimischen verkünden verwerflich und anstößig. Ich erinnere mich da an eine Australierin, fett wie 5 VietnamesenRind, Schwein, Fisch, Huhn, Ente in Unmengen in sich rein schaufelndaber als ihr ein vietnamesischer Bub zeigen wollte wo es Hund zu kaufen gibtich nehme an, er dachte sich in einem durchaus logischen Schluss, dass das Monsterweib liebend gerne auch noch viel  Hund essen würde Vietnam Reisebericht  Vietnam – Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe

Well, wir jedenfalls haben fast ausschließlich an der Straße gegessen und getrunken. Obst, Fleisch, Gemüse, alle Sorten von Beilagen. Es war ausnahmslos alles sehr lecker. Wir haben einfach das bestellt was gut gerochen und ausgesehen hat. Je mehr Einheimische dort gegessen haben umso größer war das Bedürfnis es ihnen gleichzutun. Wir wussten zwar nicht immer genau was es war (gerade bei den panierten Dingen) aber wir leben noch, sind wohl genährt und hatten keine einzige Magenverstimmung oder ähnliches. Die Prämisse die wir uns gesetzt haben war: Nicht viel fragen, sondern mindestens einmal ein wenig probieren.

Neben der kulinarischen (Reis)Vielfalt ist mir vor allem die geografische Vielfalt sehr positiv in Erinnerung geblieben Von Bergwandern, über Dschungeltouren bis Sandstrand unter Palmen hat Vietnam sicher für jeden Geschmack und die damit verbunden Ansprüchen etwas zu bieten. Ich denke das die Bilder des Blogs zum Thema Vietnam diesbezüglich recht aussagekräftig sind. Auch Fauna und Flora bietet für gute Beobachter täglich faszinierende Entdeckungen. Für Photographen ein Schlaraffenland! Mir hat die Zeit in Vietnam ausgesprochen gut gefallen und ich bin dankbar für das was ich hier erleben durfte. Ich bin außerdem froh genau zu diesem Zeitpunkt hier gewesen zu sein, wo Pauschalreisen noch die absolute Ausnahme sind. Ich denke, dass dieses Land schon in 10 Jahren (unter Berücksichtigung des Tempos in dem hier Dinge passieren eher 5 Jahre) kaum wieder zuerkennen sein wird. Speziell um die UNESCO „zertifiziertenSehenswürdigkeiten wird der Massentourismus und die geradezu dramatische Umweltverschmutzung das zerstören, was man heute noch als liebenswert erleben kann.

Die Kosten für drei mit Aktivität voll gepackte Wochen beliefen sich pro Nase auf ca.600€ (ohne Flug). Dazu sei gesagt, dass wir bewusst nicht die günstigsten Alternativen bzgl. der Hotel/Hostel Zimmer gewählt haben.Wer hier zu weiteren Kompromissen bereit ist (und evtl. nicht so viel Bier und Cola  trinkt wie wir) kommt ohne weiteres mit weit unter 500€ zurecht.

  • Vietnam Reisebericht  Vietnam – Abschließende Eindrücke und Auswürfe

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