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World Press Photo Austellung in "The Old Church"

Monday, 17. Never 2010 7:00

In Amsterdam there are many museums, visiting coffee shops and canals. Since we wanted to appeal but not a museum-week-end, we have only the World Press Photo Austellung De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and have decided to “everything right”.

  •  World Press Photo Austellung in „De Oude Kerk“

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Thursday, 13. Never 2010 7:05

While only in windy 17 ° C but much sun we have because of the shortness of the time one of the many topless double-decker buses for a tour used. It is not the best way, for beautiful (or better spoiling) Photos can shoot but you get a quick impression of the truly beautiful city.

  •  Lissabon

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Mal wieder ein Sonnenuntergang

Sunday, 9. Never 2010 16:44

Einen der zahlreichen und sehr schönen Sonnenuntergänge haben wir bei der Abfahrt aus Rio mitnehmen dürfen

  •  Mal wieder ein Sonnenuntergang

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no, not the Arctic. Der Salar de Uyuni!

Saturday, 27. February 2010 7:05

What looks like snow and ice here is nothing less than the largest dry salt lake of the Earth. 12.000 km ², to 30 Meter-thick salt crust, ca. Tons of salt. Once the sea, This landscape was created by, that the oceanic Nazca plate from the west, deep south in the continental U.S.”Thrust-plate. Was the result, adjacent to the largest of the Earth called Faltengebierge “Other”, the Altiplano, which is here picked up a good 3500m. The region has been left here illustrated as separated from the sea and the blazing sun to dry out. About 40 “Islands ", the “See”, where one only 1000 year-old cacti, numerous fossilized coral from the (from)Time is, in which it had here yet marine life.
The salt is here and there (negligible in comparison 25.000 Tonnes per year) mined. What further down looks like candy, are salt bricks with which this example. our salt hotel will be built.

  • Bolivien  Nein, nicht die Arktis. Der Salar de Uyuni!

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Globalization and thus… now finally here in the blog

Monday, 7. December 2009 2:30

After we have received so many inquiries regarding our blogs is not German-speaking travelers and friends, There is finally an on-the-fly translation widget in blog.

Exactly, that thing there with the flags right. Check ist out!Linguistically automatic translations are often a safe presumption, these articles in English alone, as well demonstrated… Unlike gehts but not so it is our opinion, better than “not”!

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  • Admin  Globalisierung und so... nun endlich auch hier im Blog

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