Our fatal "slip" into the new year

Wednesday, 13. January 2010 14:30

As much as we would have waived this experience, so often it occurs in South America - especially with very large numbers of victims in Peru: The bus accident. Do not worry, We obviously still live! But first things first…
It went to the 5. January, that we wanted to bring the Ecuador-Peru border behind us. As 95% of the typical South American travelers, we did so with the bus via the Pan-American Highway. Since the overall journey (Guayaquil, Ecuador to Trujillo / Peru) ca.18 Hours; and accordingly there is too much of the night, we have "decided on the safe side" for the most expensive providers. In general, these buses have a second driver, comfort, a "hostess" for the meals and drinks enough, Simply Better Buses (Volvo, Mercedes), GPS monitoring etc. pp. - so we sat in a double-decker bus in good spirits, upper right, penultimate row, I at the window.
Well, On the morning of 6. January, at about. 3:20pm in the morning, 1,5 Hours prior to arrival at the destination, 15 Minutes before the scheduled driver change in Chiclayo in the middle of the local typical coastal desert (fortunately not in the Andes!) it started to happen. The driver lost control. According to his version has him another vehicle cut!? However, I was awake at the time, because no other vehicle was. We are simply left in a left curve at high speed with a lot of the road and bounced for a few seconds through the large stones interspersed with sand. This in turn probably woke the driver of the train made the reflex of the stupidest people typically make driving just woke up from sleep are one seconds and find that they have strayed from the road. I feel that the tax was abruptly pulled to the left, to get back on the road to. When the forward speed, the height of the bus and the ground seconds before I knew it was what would follow now - what to hire me. preserved even worse injuries before. The wheels of "tilted", The bus was thrown, with all the force of forward movement on the right side, order to be heading. Motorcyclists called the "highsided", maximum damage to human and material. The overturning, but was again prevented by the high roof, However, when the impact with the ground with a mighty bang ("Exploding" windows) a good meter to the left and then moved all the seats and people upstairs on the right side of the window with the rubble and broken glass littered exposed Wüstenoden - on the bus or shoved briefly with the remaining energy. While this probably only 2 Second-long process, I braced myself with all the strength left my head from the ground to keep away, "Caught" while with head and wrist Martina, the (sleeping) from the seat beside me was also full of dashed towards the window. When nothing moved, I crept gesteurt quickly through the brain stem due to non-existing windows and caused roof gap shifted outwards. Martina was practically on the sand, standing alert, also climbed out of the slot and, standing in the open air. After a short moment of shock we sat together in the sand, do this even in jest, and happy to be able, we realized with growing desperate and painful screams of other passengers off the bus out the extent of what had just happened. Also came forward after the shock very quickly our limbs with pain and wanted to be fed. See below more.

The rest, as the saying goes, History. And can be found in the lower newspaper articles. Unfortunately, only Spanish. Short version in German: About 20 Injured in bus accident, no deaths, a woman's hand had to be amputated, Most foreigners, were immediately distributed to surrounding hospitals, Driver had to dodge other cars, Bild newspaper much blahblah… Name (With.3 left-hand column below with the injured) they also have not received properly on the line.

Peru Ecuador Bus  Unser verhängnisvoller „Rutsch“ in das neue JahrPeru Ecuador Bus  Unser verhängnisvoller „Rutsch“ in das neue JahrPeru Ecuador Bus  Unser verhängnisvoller „Rutsch“ in das neue JahrPeru Ecuador Bus  Unser verhängnisvoller „Rutsch“ in das neue JahrPeru Ecuador Bus  Unser verhängnisvoller „Rutsch“ in das neue Jahr

Nothing about the tired driver or the lack of emergency care. The comments of the Peruvian Readers here call a spade a spade already rather.

Back again to the accident site. We did have pains here and there, but they were sure this was nothing dramatic happened to us (Contusions, maximum fracture but no internal injuries). Sitting in the bus including a firefighter, the first aid procedure for some passengers took place. Also two policemen were quickly because, have helped. After thirty minutes, then came the first ambulance, in a Private, to be paid must be really expensive, Soon, however, was still occupied with emergencies. After another twenty minutes, the official in the ambulance arrived for us was probably due to other serious injuries, but also no more room. Some policemen and four others have but then in their pick-up, I am back with our man behind the bus with a suspected fractured skull in the back of, went to the emergency department. About 1 Hour and twenty minutes after the accident. So much for the "immediate" distribution of injured. In the emergency department, Our aching bodies were then X-rayed after a further hour, Martina had bruises, Abrasions, a broken collarbone and a blue swollen ear, it was moved quickly into the Frauenchirugie. I was still beaten 7 Hours with a suspected hip Unopened, angebrochenem linkem Handgelenk, powerful Torax-bruised, Dirt and shrapnel in his hip in a wheelchair in the emergency room. In addition to a poor Peruvian woman had been sitting in the bus behind us, with an open fracture in the arm, without pain, to which also took care not a pig. You had to enter in to, as the newspaper reported, then be taken off the hand. As we have learned the next day was no doctor present, the poor wife and me to have suspicions are confirmed to operate. But now and then someone came, asked my name, Al Qaeda made allusions, asked whether I had a bomb in a backpack and went. At some point, an attendant took pity on me, at least the wounds clean, he was gay and found me sexy, Then I got a cast on his wrist and a syringe for the pain and after repeated requests for now what would happen to me - the certificate of discharge.
At least the bus company had offered me a hotel to take, what I am after a visit with Martina did. On the following day morning I limped into the hospital again (only 100m away), Martina to visit and saw at once everything is completely different from. The German consul had already been an hour since he was already on the ground and Martina on the previous day and informed the strange treatment, The German Foreign Ministry already knew everything, and suddenly we were very important. Zig doctors came by and were suddenly very worried, also wanted to know again exactly what I have and if I had received medication (no!) usw. Martina was even a cast, and now pain, The wounds are still dirty even though we had (Later in the hotel) treat. The bus company we wanted to then move hastily to a private hospital. After the consul had gone and the people of the Peruvian Ministerio Publico then, but unfortunately, I had x-rays up to the supplying of my hand suddenly no longer find, husch, husch, Botch, cover up - welcome in South America. Long story short, we were fed up. Martina and my wrist had been provided, the fact that I go, "" could, with appropriate rest position verspührte no pain, I took as an indication that has not confirmed the suspicion with his hip and there was a further bruise. Martina also had to ask several times to get their certificate of discharge, so we could meet again on Busfirmenkosten quartered in a hotel. Since we are now, and entrusted us with a little. As it stands, we also need some time for rest. Being able to drag our backpacks, we are of course at least not now. We consider whether we are going to relax again heading north to the sea or billet us in Huaraz in the mountains. If you see this blog entry, we should already have achieved our real recreation Accommodation and further recover.
Again, We are now going well so far, we are providing, eat, drink, sleep, hardworking and enjoy smoke-invalides us early on our appearance while brushing your teeth and getting out of bed. Cancel the trip now we will certainly not without further complications.
Scheiss experience, but also face powerful Schwein gehabt. Everything is good.

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Galapagos Islands, North Seymour

Monday, 11. January 2010 7:00

Den letzten Vormittag unseres Galapagos Ausfluges verbrachten wir auf North Seymour. Hier ließen sich endlich auch die omnipräsenten Fregattfögel mit ihren roten Kehlsäcken näher betrachten. Anbei ein Einblick in ihre Kinderstube und auf die wohl schönste Brandung (auf purem Felsen – lust zu surfen anyone?) der Insel.

Hiermit verabschieden wir uns dann auch von den Galapagos Inseln. Was bleibt zu sagen?
Der Ausflug war sicherlich eines der natürlichen Highlights der gesamten Reise. Wo man in anderen beliebten Urlaubszielen hunderte Kilometer fahren muss um evtl. ganz vielleicht ein Tier der Gattung XY zu sehen, so wird einem hier eine unglaubliche Bandbreite, in greifbarer Nähe (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) präsentiert. Umrahmt von einer unwirklichen und auf ihre Weise sehr schönen Landschaft. Eine wahrhaft einmalige Erfahrung! Das Dilemma ist, we make no mistake, dass wir und jeder andere Tourist dazu beitragen das sich die Inseln Stück für Stück von dem entfernen was sie so einmalig macht. Vom wahr gewordenen Traum für Biologen und Naturliebhaber hin zu einem weiteren mit seinen ökonomischen Interessen alles verschlingenden Pauschaltouristenziel. Für das Jahr 2010 rechnet man mit etwa 200.000 Touristen. Kreuzfahrtschiffe mit 500 Gästen sind bereits in Betrieb (wir hatten ein 16 Personen Boot) und fluten die Inseln regelmäßig mit Menschen die sich bzgl. ihrer Verhaltens nicht kontrollieren lassen. Der Countdown läuft

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Galapagos Islands, San Cristobal

Sunday, 10. January 2010 7:05

Am Nachmittag Ankerten wir im Puerto Baquerizo Moreno der Insel San Cristóbal, wo unsere Gruppe zum Touri-Shopping geschickt wurde. Wie wir finden, eine gewaltige Zeitverschwendung. Unser Guide erzählte, dass sei aber Pflichtprogramm, um ein paar Dollars unter das einheimische Volk zu bringen. Da die meisten größeren Kreutzfahrtschiffe ihre eigenen Shops haben und komplett vom Festland ausgerüstet und betrieben werden, schwinden die Einnahmen der Einheimischen gerade gewaltig. Wir nutzten die Gelegenheit uns bei 3- 4 Eis (unser Beitrag, T-Shirts haben wir genug) mit einer dort arbeitenden UN-Mitarbeiterin über die hiesigen Probleme zu unterhalten. Inzucht, bringt hier z.B. eine überdurchschnittliche Zahl an behinderten Kindern zu Tage.

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Galapagos Islands, Lobos Island

Sunday, 10. January 2010 7:00

Isla Lobos hieß die Insel des heutigen Vormittages. Da der Anblick der Seelöwen und -vögel fast schon Normalzustand geworden ist, hatte diese winzige Insel vor der Insel San Cristóbal gelegen, vergleichsweise wenig Neues zu bieten. Das Schnorchelerlebnis mit den Seelöwen war aber wieder sensationell. Erstaunlich wie elegant und geschmeidig sich die an Land eher plumpen Tiere unter Wasser bewegen. Ohne Angst und voller Neugier umschwimmen sie einen dabei in nur wenigen cm Abstand. Einen großen Abstand sollte man dringend selber vor den mächtigen männlichen Seelöwen einhalten.

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Galapagos Islands, Spanish - Gardner Bay

Saturday, 9. January 2010 7:05

Zum sonnigen Nachmittag hatten wir einen Aufenthalt an der Gardner Bay im Programm. Dem größten weißen Sandstrand des Archipels, der neben Touristen auch von Seelöwen bevölkert wird. Mangels Schatten gestaltet sich ein Aufenthalt hier über länger Zeit aber äußerst leichtsinnig. Um sich abzukühlen ist ein Schnorchelausflug ratsam, am besten mit T-Shirt oder gar Wetsuite, die Sonne strahlt hier erbarmungslos heiß vom Himmel herab. Beim Schnorcheln findet man sich dann ganz unvermittelt von Seelöwen umringt oder kann Meeresschildkröten beim „grasen“ zusehen – ein absolutes Superlativ, schon ohne die riesigen (hunderte?! auf einmal) bunten Fischschwärme.

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